Page TroubleshootingUsing Diagnostic Support ToolsThis section describes diagnostic tools available to help troubleshoot and maintainyour tape library. For information on labeling tape cartridges, see Labeling Tape Cartridges onpage Electrical spare parts exploded view two-drive 5U models. IntroductionMagazinesMSL Series tape libraries contain two or four removable tape cartridge magazinesthat are accessible through the front doors see Figure 3. This activates an automaticcleaning cycle if the cleaning cartridge slot has been reserved, Auto Clean Modehas been selected from the Library Options menu, and the appropriate cartridgetechnology is loaded.

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The Vertical Calibration button is only available on four-drive models.

Touch OK to confirm. The following SCSI configurations are detailed in this section: If necessary, enter the appropriate password. For four-drive models, this option provides access to the upper-left,lower-left, or right-hand magazines separately, or both magazine doors for tapecartridge placement or removal.

This places your request intothe New data field. Four-drive models are listed in Tab le 3.

Make sure the power switches are on. Updating firmware using the Remote Management Interface4. Try a new tape. Thi s guide de scr ibe s pr ocedur e s fo r installi ng, c onf igur ingope r atingmain tainin g, a nd. Model Number Number of Tape.


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OperationNetworkSelecting this option lets you define the Network options used to configure thelibrary for your specific needs see Figure For two-drive models, the lowestnumbered tape cartridge slot 2 is the one closest to the front of the left-handmagazine. Page 3 contentsContentsAbout this Guide.

Text set mwl5000 in this manner presents commentary, sidelights, or interesting pointsof information. Two-drive models are 8.

HP MSL Series Tape Library – new, refurbished and spares

OperationStatusSelect this option to display an information Status screen Figure You can also use the Decimal Keypad to enterthe tape drive number directly.

Page Remote Management InterfaceFunctionsThe Functions pages present button-and-browser controls of selectable files. Many electronic devices, includingcomputers, generate RF energy incidental msk5000 their intended function and are,therefore, covered by these rules.

In thiscase, the library appears to be operating normally, but no data can beinterchanged, or performance is poor. Product conformation labelLaser Caution LabelThe laser light caution label is near the laser see Figure Page 74 OperationLibrary Status ScreenAfter the POST executes successfully and the library initialization completes approximately 45 secondsthe following library Status screen appears: Select the test to want to run.


Opto sensor cable set 6 2. The library ships with a default Service password of When used in conjunction with the BarcodeLabel Size option, this option strips unwanted trailing characters left alignment or leading characters right alignment.

maintenance and service guide hp StorageWorks MSL and MSL series tape libraries

Opto sensor cable set 10 3 Total reserved slots confirmation screen5. Allow 18 inches 50 cm of clearance at the front and rear formagazine and hot-plug tape drive access without the need to reposition the library. Themail slot feature lets ilbrary insert or remove a single tape without removing theentire magazine.

Control panel board 5U, non-auto power on.

TroubleshootingPerforming Error RecoveryFigure 78 outlines the recommended steps lbirary error recovery. About this GuideAny surface or area of the equipment marked with these symbolsindicates the presence of a hot surface or hot component.