The color variation on your choice of mousing surface causes these lasers to be picked up by the sensors at varying levels of intensity, and this is how the movement is tracked. The same rubbery texturing is also used in patches on either side of the mouse. But you can pick the difference when you use it, if you whip it around fast. You’re such a crack up. But then who really does?

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Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical – Overclockers Australia

That aside, there’s nothing muoseman to like about this mouse. After examining the shape Opticxl immediately realised that this mouse was designed for right-handed people, so it looks like all you lefties have been denied yet again. In terms of design, the Mouseman Dual Optical takes a more traditional, refined approach to the mouse.

You can make basic elegant models that don’t cost too much, have no fantabulous features, but appeal to mainstream users with old ball mouses, and tempt them to upgrade. When you move the mouse fast enough that it can’t see enough similarity between successive images of the surface beneath it to be mousemxn to tell what’s going on, it skips. Sure, it sounds like he’s sitting there across my desk talking to his mother on the phone, but just in slim chance that he’s plotting against me I can always give him a little maintenance blinding.

The texture has the added bonus of making clicking the wheel without rolling it less of a chore.


The computing world seems to be settling pretty solidly towards making “mice” the plural of “mouse”, nouseman you’re talking about rodents or input devices. The old Explorer still looks pretty nifty, but the new one is lower, sleeker and shinier. Well, that’s a relief. Make us your homepage. In use, there’s nothing dramatically different about the dual sensor MouseMan.

On the down side, the Wheel Mouse Optical’s sensor can’t keep up if you flick the mouse really quickly; it just hops a bit and the pointer stays more or less where it was. This mouse’s slightly off-white top and slate-grey base mean it would fit rather nicely into the decor of the space station inthough.

Lasers direct light downward that bounce back and trigger sensors. The Dual Optical’s five tiny feet wouldn’t be adequate to cover a screw, anyway.

Which is more than can be said for the other two mouses in this comparison. Unless you’re accustomed to something really peculiar, there’s no learning curve involved in getting comfortable with this mouse.

So I’ll switch to it. We felt lucky to have a mouse at all, we did. Personally, I prefer “mouses” when I’m talking about the computer peripheral, and “mice” when talking about the animals of which my overweight cat manages to catch about one a year.

But now, dual optical in hand, I found myself with another course of action The left hand rubber thumb grip cradles your most precious of opposable appendages no, that one down there isn’t opposable, at least God I hope it’s notwhile your pinky on the right is allowed plenty to grasp and apply leverage on.


Since it’s dead easy to take off the Dual Optical’s lid without mangling the feet, removing this weight would be a simple task for anybody who’d rather have a lighter mouse. As a last resort I uninstalled MouseWare and allowed the mouse to run on Windows native drivers.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical

Add us to your bookmarks. He was too busy going blind to care about my bagels. When it comes to mice, you have two main types: I remember when mouses had balls. Mice whose characteristics include ridiculously high scroll rates one or two thousand DPIthe Boomslangs are the top of the balled market, the proverbial cream of the crap. It’s not an anonymous bar-of-soap mouse, but neither does it have any out-there asymmetric design or styling extras.

It’s very pleasingly styled, you mousemqn have to be right handed to use it, and it tracks more than well enough for most users.

The new model Explorer is held together with four screws, all under the feet, as bleeding usual. Friday is bagel day here at the office. Inside the lid, there’s a simple screwed-on chunk of steel.