Can the Yamaha MM6 be used as a midi file player? Say you want to call up the Power Grand piano sound on the MM6. However, I find the manual very very limited when it comes to explaining the MIDI functions of the synth. Results 1 to 3 of 3. So when you are playing back a MIDI file you can play along. You cannot use the MM6 as a sound module played from another keyboard

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You cannot change volumes, patches or anything. How about just making two MP3’s at home, one with drums and one without for each song? This will show you how to setup your CP so you can control both it and the external keyboard MM6.

You can use either a USB cable to connect it to a computing device mmidi, laptop, or tabletor a MIDI-to-USB adapter to do that, or use a MIDI cable to nidi it to an audio interface and then connect the audio interface to your computing device.

It probably does make sense to follow a different route, but you know what it is like: All times are GMT Hardy in A Mathematician’s Apology London I also use powered speakers to get much better sound than what the internal speakers can do.


In my experience, midi songs that you purchase mn6 download will require significant editing in order to make them play correctly, and even more editing to make them sound good. The MM6 is not a good choice for this purpose because it only has general midi instruments, 1 drum kit, and isn’t designed to handle Yamaha’s more advanced XG midi file format.

Hi all, This is my question: PM me if interested. Login or Sign Up. I called Yamaha first, but, guess what, I never had an answer. I mean, using a different yamaha or other synth, can I avoid this limit? Members of the audience can not wait for me after every song!

In my opinion there are 2 limits: Help FAQs Go to top. Yamaha has a software program that will automatically process midi songs and let you change jidi instruments to use Mega Voices. I may have to km6 what the Roland models have- that new Prelude could be interesting. USB contoller and computer for piano?

Can the Yamaha MM6 be used as a midi file player?

Once you create a user profile on Motifator and update with the appropriate m6m, the updates shown here will be specific to you. What keyboards would be a better option then? Thanks for feedbacks j.

You just know the sounds aren’t gonna touch the Yamaha super articulation though! I have dwnlded the pro tools first to get me started and opened an Avid account also. Maybe Fozzer or one of the other MM6 owners here might be able to help you a little more Music can be used to stimulate mass emotion, while mathematics cannot; and musical incapacity is recognized no doubt rightly as mildly discreditable, whereas most people are so frightened of the name of mathematics that they are ready, quite unaffectedly, to exaggerate their own mathematical stupidity.


Not knowing keyboards at all as Im a gtr player only at the moment.

Akai MPC Forums – anyone have a yamaha mm6 midi’ed to their mpc? : MPC

It has 9 tracks, 8 are normal and the 9th is for patterns. Certainly controlling it from a master keyboard is something Yamaha never wanted or intended for you to do.

Roland and Korg also have their own workstation keyboards in different price and feature ranges but I am less familiar with their lower priced stuff. You cant name anything. Yamaha MM6 as midi contoller?

This explains why the grossly overpriced MM8 has now made an appearance.