The installation takes a moment to perform and signals completion with a confirmation dialogue. The URL defines the data source to connect to. MimerXADataSource should be used. The JDBC connection string hint should be jdbc: Warning information can be retrieved using the same mechanisms as in the SQLException example above but with the method getNextWarning retrieving the next warning in the chain:. Application servers may use the JavaBean interface to obtain configuration parameters for MimerDataSource objects. From Mimer SQL version 9.

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Getting StartedInstallingConcurrency. This brings mimet the file selection dialog. These are the user applications that comes with the Mimer distribution and can be launched from the Finder: The next step is to select the driver for this connection. If the JDBC driver cannot find the library in the path listed, you should either move the mimcomm library to a directory listed in the path or consult your Java manual for instructions on how to change the java.

Use Decnet to connect to a remote server VMS only.

Usually the xinetd daemon needs to be restarted and forced to read the configuration file:. The name of the mimcomm library varies between platforms.

Use shared memory communication to a server that runs on your local machine. In this example, the user name and password are given separately using the DriverManager. Driver command, you can view characteristics of a specific driver and the current environment:. If DbVisualizer gets an error from the database a message is retrieved from the database server.


Databases and JDBC Drivers

Depending on how you downloaded the file, it should typically end up in the Downloads folder where it is also automatically unzipped. The port number to use on the server host, the default is It also contains JDBC application jdbcc and discusses driver characteristics.

The following example demonstrates a connection using the driver properties:. If set, load the mimcomm JNI library. You can test this by using the -mimcomm switch as a command line argument to the JDBC driver:.

JDBC – Mimer Developer

When the JDBC driver loads the mimcomm library, it looks for the library in the path specified by the java. Port number to use on the database server host, the immer is The Mimer JDBC driver mmimer file, including the directory specification, should be added to the Java class path, as can be seen in the following examples:. Properties object to the DriverManager. The list is introduced by a leading question mark?

Mimer JDBC Driver 2.24

Begin by creating a new driver by clicking the plus icon in the upper left hand corner. Below are a collection of small basic Java programs for different environments, showing a database connection and a simple database operation with some error handling. If you downloaded the zip to another directory or it was not automatically expanded from the zip file you would first have to unzip it and then adjust the path above accordingly.


These are the user applications that comes with the Mimer distribution and can be launched from the Finder:.

Open your browser and go to https: The DriverManager attempts to load each of the named drivers in this list of drivers.

From Mimer SQL version 9. By using the java com.

Initially it can happen that a connection cannot been established from DbVisualizer. When you install a Mimer SQL distribution, the mimcomm library will normally be installed in a place where the Java environment can find it. Now is the driver class loaded into the newly created driver in DbVisualizer, all that remains is to add a hint for the JDBC connection string format to DbVisualizer which is used when creating the connection and finally verify that the driver has mimet the correct file loaded in the Driver Manager before you close it.

A driver can be explicitly loaded jdbbc the standard Class. If the login details for the user mimet correct will DbVisualizer connect to the database and display a screen similar to this. A Connection object is returned from the getConnection method, for example:.