But I face following error: Paste the following lines to the file for the model: So there is really no chance to get this piece of hardware working by default? To access the keyboard device using EvRouter, the normal user you needs permissions replace sgordon with your username: In order to configure the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard we have to create a configuration file that contains the keyboard declaration and the records for mapping the keys. Some notes about the configuration file: Markus Vuori lite wrote on

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Is there some way to get microxoft zoom key to behave like the scroll wheel on a mouse e. Now with every key-press on the keyboard it dumps out the key information.

Enabling Scroll with Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard in Ubuntu Linux

Wed Feb 18 So why not integrate it? I’m in love with my keyboard!

Former answers here may be obsolete. Our keyboard type is: I recommend you use 0.


Enabling Scroll with Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 in Ubuntu Linux

Then run the following two commands for the configuration to take effect: Patch should be installed because it is a common way of upgrading applications. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard – enabling special keys Thanks!!!!

Martin Ueding 3, 10 40 Post as a guest Name.

I hope this can help you a bit. Sorry, this is all going to be command prompt based!

Do ‘standard’ keyboards with USB interfaces work at boot time? Click the “Change” button. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In the process of taking over all of Linux, systemd apparently also has now its own hardware database and can overwrite keyboard mappings.

So even if you did convert it to keysyms, they wouldn’t zoom in or out. Nice solution is hereand I can only add that you can map the keys to unused X keys like that: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard – enabling special keys I had the same problem as previously when trying to get the patch to apply In my case of OpenBox window manager I used something like this:.


How to Get Ubuntu to Work With Microsoft Natural Keyboard |

The diff command is used to compare an original to a changed file. Here some sample output: The patch also works with gutsy-kernel. All hardware rules are compiled into a binary hardware database. Have you edited the file I mentioned above?

Go to your home ergonomif and open.

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard V1. Nick Jenkins nickpj wrote on The output is pretty much self explanatory, insert the appropriate number for the keyboard, which here is number 3 then hit enter: In principle, you can already process the events with your own programs or scripts and do anything you’d like to do.

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