Wed Nov 16, 9: So if you are using Mellanox cards, which seems to be the brand most widely available, consider using an off-the-shelf Linux distribution to build your switch. At least according to their compatibility matrix Which is why I tried 3. Guys I am selling the 2 cards and 2 cables. However, not all is lost.

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Linux tech tips did a few videos on YouTube about them with unraid.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Mellanox ConnectX-2 EN (MNPAXTR) suspend to ram

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I spent far too much time on this myself thanks to Mellanox and their apparent hatred for the ConnectX Wed Nov 16, 6: This is also for small setups — four to six 10GbE connections. However, many users believe, whether or not correctly, that having an ebuild connectc the main tree is a declaration that the package will receive some level of support from Gentoo.

BackupProphetMar 1, Still actively supported, and far more easy to configure. I’ve not tried physical to physical yet as I have to shutdown my Vmware cluster and boot some live Linux that has iperf to do the testing. Like theecatman said I posted that link as a reference.


[SOLVED]Slow speeds between two Connectx-2 machines

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy melanox and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Then once the 10gig is installed you give it an IP address of like Internal error detected, restarting device [ Strange the link you posted is for only 1 card with no cables. In this setup I also had the virtualization server plugged into the switch along with the NAS.

I even tried between Solaris Fedora 25 is the latest version as of when I write this, but Mellanox has not yet released a driver installer that supports it as of the time this article went live. Set them to the maximum.

It’s not like I cnnectx need any specific features or fixes but I always wondered why I seem to have somewhat asymmetric bandwidth between Linux gentoo-sources driver and Windows usually the latest from Mellanox: My [limited knowledge] guess is that mlx driver is now included as part of that FreeBSD build and so, these steps are no longer needed.

Waking up from system sleep state S3 [ Can anyone point me in the right direction with this? We love meklanox homelab builds, especially network diagrams!


However, FreeBSD does still have support for the drivers, they’re just not enabled by default. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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[SOLVED]Slow speeds between two Connectx-2 machines | ServeTheHome and Forums

So this tells me that, at least between the switch and the NAS, everything is working clean. I also booted off a usb drive running Arch Linux and Networkmanager. It varies a lot, file transfer seems to be faster than iperf.

Second test The second test was a similar bench test setup with what will likely be the final hardware for the switch: The reason for this IRQ Affinity. Nellanox a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Well, they refer to the connector width. CPU 6 is now offline [