By lohrphoto , November 9, in Discussions – Cameras. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Glad you have sorted it though Regards SS. The US insistence on separate channels prompted speculation that the military effectively wanted an off switch for the competing. Not sure what this one actually supplies, as it talks about the drivers but does not seem to have a “Download” button specifically for them. Focusing requires the Camera Interface version 6. Posted April 30,

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It should also work with TheSky6 and TheSky5 but not all functionality will be present. Hi, That’s strange as they work with CP and win7 why have they missed vista out, mind you it was a terrible operating system, no offence, if I was you rather than get it meadde work on vista, I would either up or downgrade to XP or win7, I think you will find it a lot more stable.

This there an ascom driver for the DSI series. I wonder if there are older versions of Envisage that I could download that might work.

Driver available at QSI web site. I bet that Vista is the problem.

Works for locales where the comma is the decimal separator. Glad you have sorted it though Regards SS. Sign in Already have an account?


Ascom Driver for DSI II

For more information see Working with TheSky sacom 1. Installs a driver for telescope control systems that speak the Merlin Controls Astronomy Command Language. SC Modified web cams – Version 2. Trying to use them directly in Nebulosity led to terrible horizontal banding issues.

Not sure what this one actually supplies, as it talks about the drivers but does not seem to have a “Download” button specifically for them. Using those dso the trick.

Ultimately I suspect you download Envisage 7. Link 1 and Link 2. Guide CCD and adaptive optics supported. Posted April 30, Installs a driver for all computerized Celestron telescopes. Simple applications such as planetarium slewing are more likely to work than demanding automation applications. Scripts for automatic research, with filter wheel and telescope control. It also recognises the StarSense HC. The above post is correct, just download and install envisage from the meade site, then during the install it will ask you if you want to install the meade DSI driver and the meade LPI driver, just say yes to both and away you go, I used to guide with an old DSI colour and worked a treat with PHD and an ST80 guide scope.

Fast focus with realtime zoom and sharpness indicators. Autoguide all relay boxes supported. This plug-in driver is available as part of the Obsolete Driver Pack. New driver, written in C. Many demo drivers and complete documentation is available at the Plugin page. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Twitter. It routinely took a couple of tries to get the connection to work, as the camera would connect and then the connection would drop, but on the 2nd try it always connected and stayed connected.


Binning 1×1 and 2×2.

Astroart software

Register a new account. It has been reported that this driver also works with the RCX except it doesn’t allow access to its unique meaed. Thanks for that, much appreciated.

I just realized after going to the Meade website that most of their versions of Envisage unfortunately do not work with Windows Vista, which is the platform that my laptop is running off of.