I have the “won’t print in color” problem with my X, has anyone got a solution to this yet? What is the transparent encoder strip? Just select which operating system you have, download, and install. Guess what after spending 3 hours trying to call lexmark and going thru help web sites this worked. Did you get any help with this?

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My Problem Unit 1. I will never buy Lexmark again! Laptops by Dan Ackerman Nov 26, I lexmarm a printer,but it didn’t come with software.

Unfortunately, the Lexmark web site bytes. This is what I did to fix the jam issue and then emcountered the carrier stall becuase my dirty fingers touched the transparent encoder. Really hope it works! I hate Lexmark too. Lexmark X83 – multifunction printer color.

Lexmark X83 Specs – CNET

Anyone else had this problem and how d83 you correct? Please help me I still can’t get it to work. It worked for me and it was so simple! If you smell something burning or hear grinding noises, lexmakr unplugging and replugging the cables is doing nothing but waisting your time and won’t fix your problem I’am writting from Germany.


That’s Expensive by any standard. Was getting the same message. They need support themselves.

Lexmark X83 Printer Problem

lexmmark I know this may sound crazy but it worked for me. Get on the ball Lexmark! Occasional problems were usually solved by re-booting the computer. Here are some “glowing” reviews of the product.

Lexmark X83 Printer Problem | FixYourOwnPrinter

Please let me know if you fixed your problem with the unlock scanner situation. I will not purchase Lexmark again I look forward hearing from you. Since then, I keep getting the ‘Problem communicating with the printer’ message. And now when I open the door where the cartridges are, they don’t move to the center.

Did you ever think that maybe they weren’t worth fixing or maybe they can’t even be fixed? Not only did the printer say Unlock Scanner, it started making this horrible burning smell. Please can someone help me. If this plastic “arrow” is broken, chances are the small button underneath is not x883 actuated when the door is shut and the printer thinks the door is open. My Lexmark x83 keeps locking up.


Lost my installation CD! We recently got a new computer with XP.

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If I get the opportunity I am going to take this printer straight to you Lexmark and get group of people to protest not to buy anything from your company. The printer loaded up fine, but whenever I print, my documents look like the printer cartridges are low. I close the door and press power.

I wish you all the best of luck!