Or where a diaphram is located, maybe that metalic film in the bottom. The color cartridge has long been dry but I don’t need it any more as I just use the printer for shipping labels. The truth have to be in between: Good luck with the chip hunt in your cartridge. I bet that the chip on the head is only a static array chip, just to provide the serial number and type of cartridge. Not worth the trouble.

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The printer now thinks that it is a new cartridge.

Place a piece of clear adhesive tape over the top right contact again shaded diagram does not exactly match Again do not tape over the other contacts during this process.

I was dumb enough to contact Lexmark about the problem and have just received their reply, short and rude. I sent e-mail to Lexmark to complain that I cannot refill their refillable cartridges, they were of no help – talked about don’t use third party kits and voided warranty. Went on line with Lexmark support — still the same error. These suggestions are not tried, but if you have time and will: So now the cartridge count has been reset and once this one is empty remove the tape and the cartridge will work like new.


Lexmark 2500 – X Color Inkjet Manuals

The first ‘line’ has 4 lexmxrk, the second line 3 contacts Second, Lexmark drivers said that I need to calibrate cartridges. Their cartridges are extremely difficult to 25500x and because of a non removable printhead if it clogs it will be a nightmare to fix.

Anyone with basic electronic skills can repeat this and thus prolong cartridge life for some time. I understand that what I’ve described is not convenient at all, but that’s all I’ve got now.

As an example A B C. I managed to fix the troubles with the black inkt by taping the 4 contacts below.

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I don’t know for how long, but it is printing when before it would not. In my earlier responce about placing a tiny piece of duct tape over the far right,very bottom pin on the cartridge.

Was reading somewhere that when the newer Lexmark cartridges i,e. I will do this. Cleaning The Print Cartridge Nozzles Does anyone know how many pages it’ll print up to before it says its empty?? Theres a reason that epson uses an ink counter.

I bought it because it was the cheapest all-in-one. Using The Toolbar They even sent me a message a while ago asking how I liked the printer.

1 PK 32 Black Ink Cartridge for Lexmark P AIO X X AIO X MFP | eBay

There were some other chips but they were being covered with a metal shield which requires desoldering in order to remove. I actually own an canon pixma ipd and I think its the best printer ever but I only use it to print onto cds and maybe a document or two.


Man all this is really shocking. I got this from someone else on another thread. When I do that is says it requires bi-directional printing. Thank you so much for your research about the Lexmark Z The problem only seems to affect lx 29, i have successfully refilled the high yileds with no problem.

The thing is I am pretty good w the lexmaro but certain things I leave alone as I do not want to screw up this thing- it is my daughter’s old laptop and it is not running tip top anyway.

Your information will be spread to those who in one way or the other needed the same help. I tried an older colour cartridge I found, lo and behold it worked fine!

Lexmark – X Color Inkjet Manuals

My Lexmark Z manual p. I haven’t desoldered new eeprom to read it. Printing Photo Packages