Also, KisMAC should return an error, please indicate what type for a better debugging. PS i’m running osX Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani. The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler http: With one of the networks I have collected nearly 2. Admin March 16, at 9: Anonymous July 13, at 8:

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Admin November 26, at 4: Anonymous March 27, at 1: Ive got a MBP 2. Is it possible to capture 4-way handshakes with this chipset using Kismac?

Bunch O’ Free App. Nonasol May 6, at 9: Anonymous July 7, at 9: Admin July 7, at 9: Admin June 15, at Muthu Kumar January 29, at AKA “Airport” What you appear to try to do, is simply to get a better connection Here is 2 simple solutions: Thanks for the help.

I have a kiamac nube can i inject with this? If you wish, you can hav a second Arecibo. I’ll take a look at it.


I’m collecting data packets from the three networks with the best injectikn. Me May 14, at 5: Any help would well Really Thank you very much.

kismacc The Alfa is one of the most copied card, and you’ll find knock-off everywhere. Thank you for your sharing. Here is my information again Have you tried to drag a file into the Terminal window?

Admin November 26, at 6: Length of the encryption. But do you know if it will have the right chipsets if I needed to.

KisMAC | Reviews | MacUpdate

Nope, as explained in the blog above. Admin July 29, at 2: Could I upgrade my antenna to this?

Supertu Headbullet October 22, at I have set up both a linksys and a 2wire routers, both with 40bit keys and both on channel 11 so I can collect packets simutaniously. The driver page on alfa.

Airport extream+kismac+Injection

May be due to the fact that I’ve to stop scanning before launching wordlist attack? My friend ylu me that i would need to have a specific chipset to enter monitor mode Admin July 11, at 1: The question is, how long should i wait for the injection finish? It’s strange that is bounces on passive.