Iriver H firmware 1. Iriver iFPTC firmware 3. And wearable it must be: Stuffed inside the iFP’s blister we found a neck cord, a silver plastic snap-on cover that acts as a belt loop for very narrow belts , and a bulky, black clip-on Sport Band. Iriver N11 Firmware 1.

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And wearable it must be: Iriver H firmware 1. Fixed the bug that didn’t play the next track during playback with LCD off.

iRiver H10 Firmware Download and Update for Windows

Iriver N11 Firmware 1. You’re better off sliding the iFP onto a belt or into a pocket. Fixed the bug that releaes tracks were browsed when it was sorted by genre. Iriver MP3 N10 Manager firmware 1.

Download iRiver – Cameras and MP3 Player drivers free –

Iriver U10 Firmware 1. Iriver iMP firmware 1. While the iFP is hardly massive at 3.

Iriver iFPT firmware 1. Iriver T20 Firmware 1. Fixed the bug that backlight of LCD wasn’t illuminated when it’s awakening from Stand by mode.


Iriver T firmware Iriver iMP Firmware 1.

Fixed the bug that it sometimes made noise when pressing NEXT button during playback. Fixed the bug that sound was distorted on User EQ. Iriver iMP Manager firmware 1. We found the Sport Band terribly unsporty when we strapped it on; the combination puts the weight of the MP3 player out far enough from your arm that it flaps with every movement.

Iriver iMP Manager firmware 2. Fixed the occasional bug that recording files were named with an unreal date such as June 31st or 32nd.

Iriver H Firmware 1. Iriver T30 Firmware 1. Iriver T10 Firmware 1.

iRiver H10(UMS version) 5GB/6GB Firmware | Opendrivers

All the advantages of a colour screen can now be yours through this great new product. Fixed the bug that EQ setting went to normal after changing it to Custom EQ and then adjusting playback speed. It was before.

For the first time for the MP3 jukebox the H series boasts acolour 2″ TFT LCD which supports a wide array of colourful icons and menus, bringing added 2.35. As the H supports the USB host function, data from other UMS devices can be directly transferred to the player through a single cable without having to use a desktop computer.


Iriver iFPT firmware 3.

With the addition of a browser function, this function has become even easier to use. Fixed the bug that didn’t display lyrics correctly during playback.

Iriver iFPTC firmware 3. Name Popularity Update Rating. Iriver H10 Firmware 2. Fixed the bug lriver resets FM timer recording after powering off and on.