I was about to throw it away! If you have some ideas, I would gladly test them on my pc. Follow the instructions in the installer. It will install the flick program, find drivers and FAIL at finding the drivers. General terms and conditions.

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Complete Wacom Intuos Gd 9×12 Large Tablet Pen & 4d Mouse -uses Serial Port | eBay

Maybe not everybody likes it, but I have all the extra features, such as Flicks, etc. A lot of people have reported success with setting compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3 after first running Windows mode. Be the first to receive Wacom deals, tips and news! Anyway i almost gave up my old wacom tablet but you saved it for me: Go to your applications folder and and look for a folder named Wacom Tablet.

Help Which tablet do I have? By email info tablet4u.

I did also need to run the programme download from here in a combination of windows and Windows xp 3 modes, though in the end it worked with XP first, then I bought it with the first money Wacom intuos gd earned with my design work.


Please enter these details. The pen would be stuck in either pressed or not pressed leaving me with no variation in my strokes whatsoever. After installation do not open your systems preferences! With your help, I finally can use my wacom GDR. Also, pressure sensitivity for me has been known to drop out from time to yd in certain paint packages.

I set the PC up with win7 x64 and upgraded to Instead, you will want to Extract the files in this. I have amended your suggestions into this blog in case if any other intuow have had difficulties in getting their old Wacom pads working.

Not knowing a lot about tablets, I took a gamble on it. So, what worked for me is very simple: June 9, admin 0 Comments.

Product support

General terms and conditions. The same with GIMP.

The utility allows you to check without a paint package running and make sure that at the very least your wacom is talking to windows fine. Always rebooting between these steps.


If you have some ideas, I would gladly test them on my pc. Before you install Windows 8 you should know that there is no Win compatibility mode anymore. When you press your wacom pen down on the pad it changes hd amber light to green right?


The Intuos A3 Serial is approx xmm, the largest size of tablet. Click on the Driver tab on the top and click the Update Driver button. After numerous searches on the web I finally found a solution that is working. Well nituos helps me on the method, but…. Here are some screenshots: The issue was the software and making it actually TALK to the operating system.

They solved it installing the same driver hd in Vista compatibility mode. Thanks for checking out my site! Reading through some forums it pointed me in the right direction as to how to go about it. I have not tested this advice on a windows 8 pc myself so as always, do it at your own risk.: