In addition to that, please feel free to reply for any other recurring issues with Windows in future. If you are not using a remote assistant, obviously you don’t need the dropbox option. Delivering “total support” from digitization to application. I would have expected to have got a discount for buying a used or possibly refurbished unit – but nope, they didn’t even tell me Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter inside of the ScanSnap. What happens when you open Scan Snap Manager? Tell us what you think about the ScanSnap S

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I just thought I’d try Fujitsu because the reviews were really good, but I guess that was a big mistake. Setup a ‘Dropbox’ account, and create an ‘Inbox’ folder in it, which you istall to be the default scan location.

Given Fujitsu claims the scanner is compatible up to windows 8, I instaall have expected them to have fixed all the bugs associated with windows I can scan using the Cardminder, but only business cards. Great value product that does exactly what we need it to do!

Simply place the card in the scanner and push the button.


I was going to sort through it and get rid of the old stuff when i thought hey why not just ditch the lot! Hi Jeff, I second your thought Jeff and thank you for sharing the information.

Scan Snap Manager is not installed properly if it has not been uninstalled completely.

ScanSnap Manager for Mac (V3.2L80) Setup Program

ScanSnap Manager doesn’t open. I managed to scan my entire filing cabinet in my evenings over a couple of weeks.

For details on how to buy cleaning tool, please contact the Fujitsu scanner dealer where you purchased your scanner. It is a little faster than its predecessor and, while it is also more expensive than the previous model was, it has been well worth the additional outlay. You just want to scan a document in and then sort it out later on.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S Document Scanner

View and edit scans, create filing cabinets, perform searches and more. I’m in basically the same boat. Like its predecessor, this scanner takes up little space. Nigel Harman, Managing Director.

ScanSnap Manager won’t open

I would highly recommend this for small firms who scan all documents. What Fujitsu have to say I simply ran the CD then attached the scanner to the PC and started to scan. Business and Technology Solutions. Add to comparison chart. Otherwise, every document you scan, a window will pop up which you have to click OK in at least twice, which will slow scabsnap up.


Just create PDF files for now – greatly speeds things up. Dust blown up by strong air from the spray may enter inside of the ScanSnap. Scan Snap Manager may not function properly. Really pleased with the scanner and the service offered by trade nistall – will definitely be recommending to colleagues. So, now you should have a whole bunch of files with automatic names based on time, date etc.

Give us a few weeks and I hope to have got around to scanning the whole filing cabinet and then get rid of instaall.

Please give these steps a try and let us know. See my responses below: Carrier Sheet For the Fujitsu Range 5pk.

Tell us what you think about the ScanSnap S Gary Bullock, Vision Connect.