Page 69 of 7. Overriding GPS will omit this feature and antenna stowing due to movement will not occur. Page 29 of 7. The user may change this value, however changing such value may result in difficulty with satellite acquisition. Page 73 of 5 — Test Selection Initiates the test on the specified axes according to the specified ranges, and speeds. KaG Skyware Global Feed boom?

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If this box is NOT selected, the controller will attempt to perform an ACP after peaking on satellite and before enabling the transmitter. Is everything connected together correctly? The update process is displayed on screen and will notify the user when the process is complete. SR This ineyvu will allow the user to configure the controller to the service used for 2-way satellite communication.

You may wish to continue through the wizard to complete the controller configuration or verify the settings. Enables the GPS coordinates to be manually overridden. It represents the value used while searching on an incline surface on elevation angle. Compass Heading Orientation of the Mobile Platform. D — Beep Disabled, the sound will be completely removed.


Both service providers and customers are inehvu to contribute. Inegvu the Antenna is already pointed on the satellite, clicking Find Satellite will re-peak or re-deploy the Antenna onto the last satellite signal found.

PL Zero point calibration calculates and sets the Zero value for all platforms. Box selected implies beeping sound is enabled.

Main Menu The iNetVu? Movement Protection not a selectable option The movement protection option is always enabled and is embedded into the 70000. This operation will stop the ACP test from continuing. Its the beacon frequency but not a DVB carrier.

TC Communications – iNetVu Controller

Polarization Parameters The Polarization menu allows for the configuration of the polarization axis. Compass Direction and System Ref.

For a more detailed explanation of each menu, see the configuration section of this manual. If the system detects motion it will wait 1min, if dish still on signal the system will re-acquire satellite, otherwise the dish will stow due to motion or movement, the system will automatically re-acquire satellite depending on the user entered delay time after stow.

See Appendix for Direction and System Ref. Page 13 of 4. Verify that there are no obstructions that would impede a full Polarization sweep. NZ Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment exaggerates.


iNetVu 7000 + G16

Should the compass heading be inaccurate by more than 20 degrees, you may need to re-calibrate it, or select this option and override the compass. Options include the setting of the Zero, and the axis limit functionality, the slow speed setting, and Platform current limits slow speeds. Page 25 of 7. Page of ii.

VSAT Antenna Controller / | Auto Deploy Antennas :: C-COM Satellite Systems

This field 7000 supported for iNetVu? This area is also updated automatically if the skew adjustment procedure recognizes inaccuracy in the target polarization angle. Page 32 of PL Displays real-time current drawn and speed settings for the polarization motor, as well as real-time polarization angle and limits, offset, zero and pot factor.

Mobile installations, which are as follows: Page 31 of 7.