The following sizes of cutsheet paper maybe used in the manual feed: Want to use your own freight account for shipping? The key difference is that with the , the various paper feeds can be installed simultaneously. The output stacker holds up to sheets of 80 gsm 20 lb single-part paper. Up to 8-part forms 4-part in rear push mode may be used.

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The InfoPrint Model X03 is a professional industrial impact matrix printer capable of printing at speeds of up to cps in Data Processing DP mode 1.

Remote management with virtual operator panel. The following list of features are available to add features to installed InfoPrint Model X03 printers:.

The following table shows the allowable replacements and additions of attachment cards for installed IBM V03 and Printers, and the feature to order to replace or add an adapter. All of the above publications are also available in the InfoPrint Solutions Company Library and can be accessed from the following Web site:. Heavy Duty, Reliable Printing The is a heavy duty printer with a duty cycle of up to 20 million characters per month. The Model is a heavy-duty impact printer with a duty cycle of up to 20 million characters per month, and a full-size, full-function operator panel similar to those on the Model and Since the X03 features are all customer-installable, in some cases it is desirable to bulk order certain features so that machines can be easily reconfigured by Business Partners and end users.


InfoPrint Model X03 industrial printer features new attachment options and easier configuratio

The will provide print quality levels, character spacings, and character styles resident fonts as follows:. Multilingual 2×24 LCD display. The following systems support the Provides the attachment card to add a Twinax IPDS attachment to a printer with no attachment cards i. These adapters, with the appropriate power plug, are required to furnish infpprint correct 12 volt power for Network Print Servers.

The inforint the full-function full-size operator panel that is on models and Paper parking, switching and linking.

This tractor feature can be installed in the simultaneously with the primary tractor assembly, the manual cut sheet, and the Infoprrint. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since One or two additional bins may be added for a maximum of 3 input bins. The provides similar paper path capabilities as the and Up to 8-part forms 4-part in rear push mode may be used.

All of these replacements and additions are easily installed by customers, and do not require IBM Field Engineering for installation. For most products, the quantity of any feature that can be ordered is the same as the maximum number of the feature allowed per machine. This feature specifies that no Controller is to be ordered with the base printer.

Each automatic bin holds up to sheets of variable width 80 gsm 20 lb single-part paper.


IBM Infoprint | Argecy

Call the REAL source! Another continuous forms tractor may be added to provide dual continuous forms paper paths. Call the REAL source!

The X03 is a professional industrial heavy-duty printer with a workload capacity of up to 44, pages per month. To obtain the most reliable forms capability both sets of tractors may be used for a single paper path.

IBM InfoPrint 4247-003 – 700 CPS Dot Matrix Printer

Input bin 1 will also support envelopes. These adapters plug into an electrical outlet and transform the voltage to the voltage required by the Ethernet Network Print Server FN The InfoPrint Model X03 industrial impact matrix printer is built on the strengths of previous models of the InfoPrint family and features:.

Inofprint graphics capability enables quality printing of bar codes, logos, overlays and more. Provides the attachment card to add a Twinax SCS attachment to a printer with no attachment cards i.

This feature specifies that the X03 printer being ordered is to be shipped by air freight. An Automatic Sheet Feed ASF with one, two, or three input bins for cutsheet paper may be added to the standard configuration.