The series was produced for 20 years, in spite of several attempts to replace it, and was a forerunner of the HP and HP series of desktop and business computers. Most HP employees accused of criminal acts have since been acquitted. One of the most complex instruments developed to date by the company, the HP A is used in deep-space vehicles. Lane as executive chairman. HP Labs leads the company into the digital publishing business by establishing a technical relationship with IndigoN. Dave Packard retires as chairman of the board.

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HP acquires 3Com Corporation, a leading provider of networking switching, routing and security solutions. Deputy Secretary of Packars. Retrieved January 22, The machine’s keyboard was a cross between that of a scientific calculator and an adding machine. Agilent’s spin-off was the largest initial public offering in the history of Silicon Valley.

There was no alphabetic keyboard. This article is about the original company from to World’s first SDN server. The former management team of Autonomy flatly rejected the charge. It scored most points on the new Sustainable Operations criteria, having the best program for measuring and reducing emissions of greenhouse gases from its suppliers and scoring maximum points for its thorough paper procurement policy.

InHP introduced both inkjet and laser printers for the desktop. Retrieved July 16, The campaign was designed to bring back the fact that the PC is a personal product.


Archived from the original on May 25, On September 22,the Pacoard Board of Directors fired Apotheker as chief executive, effective immediately, and replaced him with fellow board member and former eBay chief Meg Whitman[76] with Raymond J. Ethisphere honors firms that promote ethical business standards and practices by going beyond legal minimums, introducing innovative ideas that benefit the public.


Bill Hewlett David Packard. In an April San Francisco Chronicle article, HP was one of 12 companies commended for “designing products to be safe from the start, following the principles of green chemistry.

In its rankings of consumer electronics companies on progress relating to conflict mineralsthe Enough Project rated HP second out of 24 companies, calling it a “Pioneer of progress”. Researchers at HP Labs solve a decades-old mystery by proving the existence of a fourth basic element in integrated circuits—the memristor short for memory resistor.

Apotheker’s strategy was to aim at disposing of hardware and moving into the more profitable software services sector. Steve Wozniakco-founder of Appleoriginally designed the Apple I computer while working at HP and offered it to them under their right of first refusal to his work, but they did not take it up as the company wanted to stay in scientific, business, and industrial markets.

Bill second from left with Frances Moseley right.


Hewlett-Packard – Wikipedia

Retrieved January 18, It advances computing from 32 to 64 bits. HP also offers managed services by which they provide complete IT-support solutions for other companies and organizations. Examples of recent HP Labs technology includes the Memory spot chip of Building upon the legacy of acquired company Voodoo, HP introduces the HP Envy line of precision-crafted, high-performance notebooks.

In Julythe company announced that it had met its target, set into recycle one billion pounds of electronicstoner and ink cartridges. HP Software Division is the company’s enterprise software unit.

The HP series of smart and intelligent terminals introduced forms-based interfaces to ASCII terminals, and also introduced screen labeled function keysnow commonly used on gas pumps and bank ATMs. Hewlett-Packard Company—the original garage startup—celebrates its 75th anniversary.

HP also introduces a touch-screen consumer tablet PC. HP Labs leads the company into the digital publishing business by establishing a technical relationship with IndigoN. pckard

HP was seen as problematic by the market, with margins falling and having failed to redirect and establish itself in hewlutt new markets such as cloud and mobile services.