We were very pleasantly surprised then, by the quality of the images the C20 produced. HP’s PhotoSmart Photofinishing application addresses all these issues in a single, exceptionally easy-to-use, well-integrated application. Pressing the shutter button halfway actuates the autofocus and autoexposure systems, without actually triggering the shutter. Programs exist that will gang-up prints of a uniform size, to print multiples of 2, 3, 4, or more images per page of output, but generally their capabilities are limited to printing the same number of copies each image, all at the same size. Recently, they’ve entered the digital photography market, although with a slightly different focus than many manufacturers: More than any other digital camera we’ve seen to date, the HP C20 holds the promise of easily-produced hardcopy prints to share with friends and family. These are both fairly minor complaints though, and the overall usefulness of the application can hardly be overemphasized.

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As a minor aside, we liked the fact that we could easily insert or remove the CF card while the camera was mounted on a tripod.

HP PhotoSmart C20

The two highest image quality modes correspond to different levels of image compression applied to the larger file size, while “normal” quality employs the smaller image size. Finally, if you want to make individual adjustments to the images for color, tone, cropping, etcthe process can become laborious in the extreme.

This was also a super buy with all the accessories that the buyer included, I especially liked the optional leather bag that I am using for my newer 5 pixel HP camera. The exclusive page-layout digitzl allow you to use paper efficiently by printing multiple photographs on the same sheet of paper. Frame rate, resolution, and image sharpness are average among similar cameras. A general rule of thumb is that an amateur photographer can hand-hold for exposures as long in seconds as the inverse of the lens focal length in mm.

Rather than view digital cameras, scanners, and printers as isolated accessories to home or office computers, they’ve taken an approach more oriented to users interested in photography for the sake of the pictures themselves. There are some strong hints that Konica also made this and later models although no other OEM version has surfaced so far Konica ‘s concurring model of that time was the Q-M and looks nothing like the C20 but people keep repeating that these are all OEM models from Konica.


Connected to a TV with a video input jack, the C20 becomes a portable presentation machine. The normal focusing range is from 2 feet 50 cm to infinity, while the macro range works from 8 inches Once the exposure and focus is set in this fashion, they will stay “locked” at the selected settings as long as you hold down the shutter button.

The intent here is to make sure you don’t lose a shot by leaving the flash set in an odd exposure mode.

HP PhotoSmart C20 MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

Which is why I purchased this 1 mega pixel dinosaur of a digital camera. When you activate the AF function, you’ll have to allow about a second for the focus mechanism to operate, and the light level will need to be brighter than about EV 7.

Programs exist that will gang-up prints of a uniform size, to print multiples of 2, 3, 4, or more images per page of output, but generally their capabilities are limited to printing the same number of copies each image, all at the same size. If you happen to be multi-lingual and want to practice your foreign languages, you can download new menu language to the camera from the host, choosing from among US or International Englis, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, or Korean.

When you select an output size for an image, the cropping guides in the preview window will automatically adjust themselves to the appropriate aspect ratio a fancy term for the ratio of length to width: In normal operating mode, the C20 cycles fairly quickly, and is ready to take the next picture about 8 seconds after the previous one in its highest resolution mode.

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

The slide show function itself limits you to the fixed time interval programmed pafkard the camera. To crank out a batch of prints, simply point the application at a folder on your hard disk or at the camera itself containing the images you’re interested in. Overall, we were very impressed with the image quality from the C A key feature is the powerful HP PhotoSmart photo finishing software, that eases not only image download and storage, but printout as well.


There’s one additional wrinkle that HP threw in though, that makes the program especially valuable: While Packadd would certainly like to see everyone buy their excellent PhotoSmart photo-quality inkjet printer, the PhotoSmart Photofinishing software has no bias toward any particular output device — it will happily output images to any printer you can install normally under Windows. HP PhotoSmart C20 1. Nonetheless, the fact that the camera can run on standard AA batteries means that you’ll never need be stranded without batteries, since AA alkalines hhewlett available literally everywhere.

This may be a limitation for some folks with older systems, but with hard drive prices as low as they are these days, it’s pretty cheap to dramatically upgrade your system’s capacity.

You can also set the date and time, and format a new memory card if desired. The net of this phorosmart that the C20 is exceptionally well-suited to low-light shooting! We also liked the metal tripod socket on the camera’s underside – most cameras camsra tested to date have used plastic for this important structural detail.

This brings up the record-mode menu, defaulting to the “take pictures? I sell used plaster ceramic molds. This item doesn’t belong on this page. We’ve probably spen 4 or 5 times the original printer cost on paper and ink for our in-house inkjet.