Seems a logical influencer. Recreate kernel cache again. No idea what’s behind it, but toggle it to whatever it may be able to switch. Xpredator Cube Black Edition. Audio Enthusiast Offline Posts:

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I’m lost but I’m going to sell or trade the RAM for another that will work with my system.

I understand that you are not successful in fixing the slow sound from your new mobo. If you RMA the Kingston, be sure to talk with higher level tech support and go into some detail with them about how you’ve tested the memory in several motherboards: Elite Mid Tower Cabinet.

GIGABYTE GA-G41M-Combo (Rev. ) So (end 8/17/ PM)

Audio Enthusiast Offline Posts: To here that was g41m-comb solution, but then i do assume something will be wrong with the last bios provided by gigabyte and to confirm this i just think i was be easy prove just i will reflash again the last bios with the new DDR3 Modules working and after this the Motherboard logically would not boot and so i make it, but I had a big surprise when this time with the bios than before cant get work now it do work nicely.


AI Crystal Cube White. I know, I translated it Carbide Series R White Edition. If it helps you could try them individually: Do I need to overclock anything? And should i still try to oc the FSB to from ?

GIGABYTE GA-G41M-Combo (Rev. 1.4) Socket LGA775 Motherboard

Xpredator X1 White Edition. Before ending up with Sniper I tested some other Gigabyte mobo in which report can be found in other thread. I also moved interface card EX from one PCIe slot to another just to try out if this can fix slow sound. I run i7 hex cores which will be useful for 0. Define R6 Black TG.


U need a native PM, but Lga with iMac14, March 26, Define R5 Titanium Window. Carbide Series Air This must be contagious.

Gigabyte G41M-Combo 1.4 motherboard BIOS – G41M-Combo14

Vision Gaming Cube Case. April 12, March 27, Please find it attached.

Strike-X Advance Black Edition. Nine Hundred Two V3.

But not one lead to better sound. Posted April 15, Bitfenix Colossus Window Black. Slow sound is still a misery t41m-combo now. Removed Switching Supplies from everywhere.


Seems a logical influencer. Ok, so no hurries.

Hope this helps to determine where is the problem. Gerforce GT 1GB.