Software control switches between the resolutions in the slow scan direction. Scanning a document in the fast scan direction The document scanning position in the fast scan direction is adjusted by reading data at a specified point. Ambient Temp is 20 — Cutter Motor drives the cutter. If Auto Download is setup in the menu screen, data will automatically be downloaded when a FD having storage of stamp data is installed and the power turned on.

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Fx Docuwide Ps File Name: When paper becomes docywide and Tray Face Control Sensor does not sense any more paper sheet, another stack of paper is lifted until the face of the top sheet reaches the Nudger Roll position in the same manner as vx stack is after paper size sensing. While Fuser is idling, Temp Keep Control is performed.

The voltage for inter-paper is measured at intervals of 40msec five times in total. The default is a physical distance of lines approx.

The following operation is performed after the end of warm up. The cut operation is as follows: The loaded data will be deleted when the power is turned off or when the Clear All Read Data button is selected. Running Cutter Motor from the outboard to the inboard side leads xocuwide moving the cutter slider from the outboard to the inboard. When the pulled-out Roll Tray is pushed in.


Approximately two sec after the start of print, Main Drive Motor drives. Feed operations differ from paper size to paper size. Start of Charge 0. Swing Clutch is turned OFF. Roll 1, RFC 2: The Direct Scan function is then enabled. The billing counter counts up according to the length of the printed paper. After that it counts one when a total print length increases by another mm.

The average of the three values other than the maximum and minimum ones is obtained. Thus a toner image is generated on the Drum surface.

FUji Xerox Docuwide Set Up on NX5 – SDI Support Forum – System Development, Inc.

The [Main Menu] screen appears. If a high current does not flow at a lower temperature, a poor charging resulting in a background failure is likely to occur. The operations are divided between the HW and SW as follows: When a received job makes a wider print than the previous one does, the following operation is performed.

Enter the [Select Subsystem] screen. When print patterns have the same name, the same print pattern will be printed out.


Xerox DocuWide MF – multifunction printer (B/W) Overview – CNET

At this time Side Regist Adjustment Value is used to determine the start-of-scan point. If Control Temps are manually set, they take priority over calculated ones. One stamp data has a maximum area of ????? Toner Full Sensor This senses the bottle is full of collected toner waste. Table is a list of the motors in IOT and components powered by them.

Xerox DocuWide 6050MF – multifunction printer (B/W)

See BSD Chain 8. A stamp image that can be defined by the user is overlaid on an image on the document and copied or printed in black or gray. Exposure Delay can be set in steps of one line. By detecting the background levels of the small separate areas, the scanner can sufficiently deal with a document whose background density is uneven due to exposure to sunlight or discoloration. You should always wear leather shoes.