This enables you to take better handheld shots with less light, even at twilight or with regular indoor lighting. Available from these sellers. As an added bonus, since the zoom control is not manual, the optical zoom is available during movie capture. The Sfd appears to have the same F2. Playback on the screen is quite clear, with images rendered accurately.

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Originally announced in July, but only just making its way onto the shelves in time for Christmas, the Fineppix is the latest in a long line of keenly-priced big zoom ‘bridge cameras’ from Fujifilm that can trace its roots back to ‘s FinePix Zoom. I still waited, largely because I wondered if a digital ‘bridge’ camera” had any merit, or fujifikm I should go ahead and invest in a real DSLR.

I used this camera for 2 years for the stock photography industry.

Fujifilm Sfd Review – Specifications

But the more I thought about it, the more that it made good sense, so I bought it here in October If you look at what this camera produces at ISO and then check the competition, you’ll see what S6000rd mean. Outstanding flash strength — up to 27 feet!

How does the FinePix Sfd compare? There’s also an auto bracketing feature, s6000fv takes three shots in a row, each with a different exposure value. To the right of that we find the focus switch. The zoom ring is mechanical it moves the lens directlywhile the focus ring is electronic it tells the camera to move the lens elements.


Fujifilm’s Picture Stabilization technology utilizes the heightened sensitivity of the FinePix Sfd at ISO and high-speed shutter settings to prevent camera shake or freeze subject movement, keeping blur to a minimum. It had been originally announced sometime inbut wasn’t available until around the Christmas season. Here’s ISO test number two. Will you look at that: Other enhancements include K-pixel resolution 2.

The added benefit is the ability to zoom quietly in movie mode. Offered only in basic black with a smooth matte-like finish, the Fuji Sfd feels pro all the way around, with the rubber on the hand-grip extending to the thumb-rest on back. Along with the finnepix equivalent telephoto end of the zoom, I liked that the Fuji Sfd’s lens could go to 28mm, which is a reasonably wide angle for such a long zoom. Through the eye or lensyou now can capture more light, more efficiently, with less light loss.

Fujifilm Finepix S6000fd Digital Camera Review

On the Fuji Sfd Face Detection can track up to ten faces in a photo simultaneously, automatically adjusting focus and exposure to improve results. Press the F-button and you’ll get the F-mode menu, which has these options:.

View Printer Friendly Version. There are a couple of other nitpicks, such as the menu system being a little less user-friendly than some, and the color saturation boost from the F-chrome setting vujifilm a little overdone.


Or, in the case of the landscape, portrait, fujifil, light, and picture stabilization modes, you can access these straight from the mode dial. This comes in handy when the camera is on a tripod.

There is a freeware program that is much better than the provided one for processing RAW. On cameras with zooms of 10x and higher, my experience with electronic zoom has been hit or miss, with some cameras zooming too slowly, and several models zooming too loudly. Nikon Japan officially lists the D and D as discontinued. See questions and answers. An additional Super Macro Mode lets you get as close as 0.

Pour yourself s6000fe cocktail and enjoy. Camera performance is very good in most areas. There’s minimal barrel distortion at the wide end of the S’s The Sfd provides the full complement of exposure modes, from fully automatic, to full manual control. There’s no built-in optical image stabilization on the Fuji Sfd — just a Picture Stabilization setting.