One driver was good enough to work with touch screen. The interrupt Pin can be part of the startup procedure for handshakes or indications. This tutorial based on Debian 9. In Debian — like in most of nowadays Linux distributions — default input device driver is libinput https: Started by dfansler Board TFTs.

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The controller IC has various registers that can be set to custom values, such as touch threshold. July 17, Now we see that and have different delays, possibly because they have different clock frequencies, ‘ being higher that one of There can be problems with produced configuration so it’s good to test and see what’s actually happening.

I very highly doubt you have defective displays, but if you would like to send them back to us for analysis, you may email nhtech newhavendisplay. So, 7″ touch screen works OK.

This page was last modified on 21 Octoberat This page has been accessed 55, times. In the other way a resistive touchscreen has 4 wires. Spontaneous cursor movement can be seen with a threshold of 3 and glass strart to work at threshold 5.


Michael, It seems we found a reason of the strange behavior. Details can be found in the user manuals for Allwinner chips, in the section TP touch panel.

Touchscreen –

If you get lucky, you might find firmware supporting your device from this repository. We have three displays with the same behavior.

For older chips there are various driver sources targeting older kernel versions linux This means that there will be a lot of communication on the i2c port since this has to happen once every few ms. The most urgent problem remains with 4.

The byte is always equal to register number being written. We tried 3 different 4.

I have not heard of this issue before, and have posted code I have just used confirming the register read does work. There is a period during boot when this signal has about 2V, not 3.

We tried to write different values of amplifier via the linux driver but this does not help. Thank you for sharing your findings, I’m sure it will help others that run into the same issue.

CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_EDT_FT5X06: EDT FocalTech FT5x06 I2C Touchscreen support

Lihux we discovered it does not work as described. Actually, we did it manually by wire sporadic pulse, not equal ms but this didn’t help. Now I cannot remember exact phrase but something about different number of rows in matrix. Michael, 1 We use the same code to work with both displays.


In some cases the interrupt pin is also used as input to lknux additional data from the cpu during reset.

Produced config actually scales values from touchscreen controller to map to the screen so it may happen that one axis works ok and another doesn’t. October 19, Retrieved from ” https: Driver recognizes both displays via I2C, handshakes, etc.

To say trouth, the marking on PCB is as follows: Lniux didn’t see any artefacts on signal timings. Started by hbcelebi Board TFTs. Also, we saw the display responds with an ACK so this behavior cannot be thought as just undefined bus.