Put it into an directory C: We will learn more about these kernels a bit further in this wiki. Some DOS networking programs need to find the network configuration in C: The next chapters of this document will describe DOS networking with a lot of detail. In the left window choose Networking, in the right the programs you wish to install. This page has been accessed 44, times.

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You have to decide between bridged Networking or NAT. CFG to see the IP. In the example above the driver is loaded into high memory by using the command ” LH “.

CFG manually to use fixed IPs. So either you put fixed IPs in here. Please be sure you have configured the configuration file C: Especially exchanging files with the host is tricky. In most cases you want to change these settings.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. A copy of the license can be found here: Enable the network adapter.

FreeDOS Software

FDNET is mandatory for networking in virtual machines. The only thing you have to correct manually is the IP of your router.


To connect with Filezilla open the Site Manager and add a new site. This can be done. But for the impatient users, here’s a quick HowTo: The installation process is much the same as with version 1. If you want to do the latter, Open C: For instance set the name and password for the FTP server by editing C: Where to find them The first place to look for a packet driver should be the installation medium that came with your card.

Some drivers only need the vector and find the other values by themselves. It is a detailed guide through the installation and configuration of drivers and other required software.

FreeDOS Networking with VirtualBox 4.x

This pafket has been accessedtimes. If you are considering buying an ethernet card for your FreeDOS machine, look if it comes with a packet driver.

It can be downloaded from driverguide as “SystemSoft Version 3. Startup The bootmenu options are: BAT as you may have noted.

Please read this document carefully to learn more about the problem and to prevent possible damage to your real computer. As you can see in the figure above in the dark grey fieldsit is also possible to run Novell NetWare over of a packet driver: The freeedos of your host should show up. He made the experience that packet drivers are often the same for a large number of models by the same manufacturer, so he recommends not to try finding a packet driver specific for your model number.


So be careful to have a firewall or a router between the machine and the internet! A networked FreeDOS guest would solve the problem, as it could exchange the files over the network.

VirtualBox – Two Network Adapters – FreeDOS

BAT is able to identify the following virtual machines: How to exchange files between your host and your FreeDOS client. Many packet drivers are written and collected by Russell Nelson and his Crynwr Software.

Networking applications preinstalled are: