The next is not so obvious but you’ll notice the hosel is slightly longer on the counterfeit. By iacas , January 2, in Golf Talk. The cream coloured triangle displaying the Cleveland logo is not the same on the counterfeit – it is a pure white paint. The team has been with us for years, they take genuine pride in being able to spot a fake — they have seen thousands of the genuine articles, and on the rare occasions when someone sends us a counterfeit having unwittingly bought it elsewhere it stands out like sore thumb. Thats less than cost. This is where the majority of the shadiness begins.

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Their website had spelling errors throughout and their emails were laughably written. I thought I was dealing with an above board on-line company, but got the shaft. Recently purchased what was suspose to be taylormade R11 driver for Taylormadd addition, the club as you tayylormade see is noticeably larger than the genuine article. One of these clubs is a genuine Nike SQ driver — it has thinner but more defined face lines, with crisper edges and a cleaner finish.

Originally Posted by holeplug. Because I worte a guide under key words as “fake” twylormade and so on-then all of a sudden you were not able to read this guide because it does not show up unless you google “spotting fake dake irons”-go ahead and try-you will see the original guide.


They must have sold every set of clubs in the world. Doesn’t guarantee authenticity, but more likely to be fine if it’s a valid one. Stop asking about the possibility of counterfit clubs! Well, just got a response from TM Too cheap to be genuine and no postal or contact.

They are easily copied. Both sites sell cheapest golf cubs in da world and amongst cheapest in Shenzhen; send your money now. They are Frauds B,i ordered that excact club and it never even shipped. I have visited this forum on a few occasions and my recent interest in the R7 Forged irons is really taylormmade brought me here.

Instead of buying it locally, I decided to look on Ebay.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs – Golfbidder Information – Golfbidder

However, the club was obviously too heavy. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than not taking it off to shake. They have 75k sales, so is this just OEM mass production prices?

Callaway Fusion Fairway Wood It is not until you see both of these Callaway Fusion Fairways next to one and other that you begin to see the slight differences between the counterfeit left and the genuine article right. Fakke not know what to believe … Find no complaints when I search on the Internet. Just came across a site http: I’ve seen Taylor knock-offs and real Taylor’s being made in Foundries 1 mile from one another.

On this close-up you can see the graphite weave of the stock TaylorMade RE-AX shaft on the counterfeit below is not actually graphite weave but has been painted on and looks less pronounced. I do know it fske not the same style of weights that are on the regular R7 the weight in it looks r77 the weight that is in the bottom of the R9 It would be almost impossible for a gake to notice difference — so our advice remains as ever — only buy clubs from a source you know, trust — and have recourse to if you subsequently discover the club is a fake.


And I have had an email back from Taylormade – the code on the club cannot be found on their systems. You currently have javascript disabled.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

As soon as I sent a message to the seller questioning it, I was issued a refund, no further questions. Interesting reply in the grammar aspect and the non-commital aspect. All three websites are probably the same corrupt organisation. Phree shipping threwout da world. I just had an experience with http: Taylormade can probably give an answer if you contact them. I noticed yesterday the shipment started in China so I email them and asked if they were legitimate PING clubs or counterfeits.