Check out some of my other posts if you need more tips and info. With each camera you also get some mutation of the basic Ezonics “Live Express” package. If you want a combination camera – one that can work like a digital still camera with its own storage, or as a webcam – there are fewer options, but still quite a lot. Some webcams that give really terrible results do so because they’re let down by software. You can just run NetMeeting, which is I presume pretty much what the EZPhone software’s doing in the background anyway. If the batteries go flat, or you remove them, you lose the memory contents. There’s also a standard tripod thread.

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But it’s not for advanced users anyway, and the camera works OK with NetMeeting. And here’s the by Dual Cam photo, in the Best compression mode. Answered on Apr 23, The nifty red coating might have something to do with reflecting unwanted infra-red light, or it might just be cosmetic. The delivered price for the EZDual Cam ought to be less than two-thirds of that.

It comes with what’s rather grandly called a “quality PC headset”, as well, but that’s actually just an in-ear earphone you can plug into your sound card’s headphone output. Have a manual for Ezonics Ez Ezcam Iv 0. But certainly check ezphhone DirectX software, since all video applications, including webcams, use DirectX for video processing.

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But it’s cheap and cheerful, has flexible features that are actually good for something, works fine as a webcam, cqm eat its battery too fast, and has a decent software bundle. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.


It contains your basic webcam software, like We always provide actual pictures. You can use any resolution with any compression mode, and you can mix ezonocs of different formats in the memory as you like as well.

There’s a take-a-picture button on the top of the camera. Answered on May 02, They might be able to change their gain, for instance, but they can’t tell which way to turn the metaphorical dial without a PC looking at their output and making the decisions for ezonicw.

It’s hardly a world class result, but it’s not bloomin’ bad for the money. Beyond that, though, I can’t tell you anything about the Ezonics video chat eoznics, since it refused to believe it was connected to the Internet. And I don’t eezphone it was the PC’s fault. There are also three compression modes, which are named according to ancient tradition Good, Better and Best.

On the electronics side of things, the EZDual Cam is quite impressive, and much better than the Aiptek products. No, a pea-soup fog had not rolled in.

Ezonics EZPhone Cam USB Free Driver Download

Answered on Apr 04, Install driver for camera After this install the Webcam driver in the system. But then you’re saving great big files that started out as little teeny ones, and don’t look zephone better. But for a webcam with its features, at this price point, you can’t complain. It tends a bit towards overexposure, but its white balance is excellent and it gets decent colour saturation, too. Delivery Options see all.


At this point, the Dual Cam behaves like an ordinary small-aperture fixed-focus point and shoot camera. Michael johnson Tested on Windows XP.

Answered on Sep 01, Posted on Jul 05, Be the first to answer. You also get Face Factorya package which lets you take portrait and profile pictures of yourself, mark things like nose camear ears and hair, and then have them wrapped into a 3D head that you can distort in amusing ways. There’s nothing wrong with this arrangement, assuming your computer has a microphone input; practically all PCs do. Was this review helpful? There’s a thumbwheel on the top of the lens assembly that you turn for focus; when you turn it all the way to the left, a white mark lines up with a “DSC” arrow to tell you that you’re now at the “infinity” focus point, which is the safest general setting for still photography when you don’t have a focus guide.

Everything just looked like this, all the time.