FTW3 Logo peel off. Have you tried seeing what connector does what, i. I am not sure about the software you use as I am using a x-fi but on board should work just fine. This motherboard also supports ESA Enthusiast System Architecture , the new interface for monitoring and controlling devices such as coolers, cases and power supplies. It’s alot better than Vista. No I cannot guarantee it will work.

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Hope that works for you, good luck.

Try a system restore point older than when the problem first began. View More Photo Galleries. I can hear the bare feet slapping the ground and buzzing mosquitoes in BFBC2.

The only difference between the two is that onboarrd uses a small nForce bridge chip to allow PCI Express 2. Yes, go with Windows 7. I do now and it’s creating a virtual surround, and not in MONO!

780I sound card issues

Seems you were right my sound card is fried lol but can u tell me why i cant get my sound to stop skipping when i use my onboard sound? For a high-end motherboard we expected a better codec to be used. I am sure the difference is night and day now! I did the test and you see the green bars move yet no sound.


Surround sound on 780i

I produce music and love music in efga – I would really appreciate any help I could get to fix this issue – music just isn’t the same without all facets of sound. All my other computers are running Windows 7 so I guess I will up grade and see what happens.

I remember being able to assign each port in the back of the computer individually at one point but that option is not there may noboard been in vista and I have upgraded to windows 7. I checked to see if windows audio was started, it was. I tried the speaker test they have no sound. Different x0 codes and sayings.

User Control Panel Log out. Since nForce i uses the same chips as nForce i all other features from i are identical to i: FTW3 Logo peel off. I can get into safemode, but that is it. I checked the cable to the receiver with a Zune player and it works.

Surround sound on i – EVGA Forums

Now not even from the onboard. It’s alot better than Vista. Onboaard have a logitech set of surround 5.

All speakers work individually when tested. I was afraid of that. I don’t get sound from the center and 2 rear speakers, unless I use matrixing. Yes they are working in the configuration there. For more information on SLI please r ead our recent tutorial on this subject.


On this motherboard DDR2 sockets 1 and 3 are gray and 2 ongoard 4 are black. I tried plugging into the other plugs on the back and it showed that the system was disabled until I plugged it into the correct jack. I then remove the sound card and its driver.

How do I use the digital optical on my i – EVGA Forums

I can even move the green to the grey port and I still get the same sound I bought a PS3 at the start of the month the i has a digital optical plug and I want to use my computer speakers for my sound when I play games and watch movies through my Onhoard I have a digital optical cable connecting the ps3 and computer but I can’t figure out how to get sound.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. I have been messing with the 3 plugs in the back of the computer Green Orange Black I have noticed that even if I unplug all rvga the green I get the same sound.