August 17th, 1. I saw some posts showing others having the same problem and the workaround was disabling security on your wireless network which I didn’t want to do. Run the setup for the PCI card on a windows machine. I really hate to lose this one, but if I want to have any connectivity in Linux, it looks like it’s going to be the only choice. January 20th, 8.

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You’re welcome, although I don’t understand why ehlwi-nx2 would be able to use the drivers listed on that particular site. Both files need to be in the same directory that you build the module from.

Additionally, there is a netxp. My card’s ID is 10EC: This is just my opinion but I’m wandering if it might be easier to just purchase a compatible wireless card. I coulnd’t make it work.

Or should I expect the same result? Sorry, it IS netxp. August 18th, 3. Well, this is really frustrating.


August 24th, 4. Unless I want to learn how to write my own driver, that is! How to install wireless linux driver ENLWI-N 1st forget the linux driver – looks difficult and requires compiling and knowing more than an end user should be required enlwi-x2 know. Here’s the output from command line: I could list the APs but could never actually attach to mine as it always rejected my WEP passphrase.

I’m aware that this card doesn’t have Linux drivers, but some users have gotten it working with ndiswrapper. As you probably already know, the right chipset is the key here, not so much the brand. You can also Google http: And note also, that the two files must be for the same Windows version.

Encore ENLWI-NX2 – WikiDevi

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. You didn’t say that both files; the. August 17th, 2. Yes, both files were in the directory.

August 25th, 5. When I reboot, the system hangs, forcing me to disable the driver from recovery mode.


Encore ENLWI-NX2 Free Driver Download (Official)

This is how I did it. I suppose next step is to get a new card? I have already downloaded and installed build-essential and linux-headers-generic I haven’t done any development on Ubuntu except for editing web pages so any help would be appreciated. It causes the system to hang soon after startup. I never had a luck with the ndiswrapper method. All config files need. September 6th, 7.

Wireless dev – #!/bin/bash – Open Source IT Portal

Is it worth it to try the drivers for different Windows versions? It doesn’t matter if the card is present or not. Thanks mc Link to Linux driver for the wireless card.