By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. This provides a consistent process and scales well to large environments. The servers and storage used were connected to a Brocade port, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Brocade HCM can be installed on a host that does not have Brocade HBAs installed, and it can manage remote hosts by adding the remote hosts as described previously.

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We found the event log to be quite useful, and would find mplo to be very valuable in managing large environments. The evaluation includes the following topics:. Customers can obtain HBAs through a variety of sales channels and HBAs are often bundled with SAN storage and servers from either the server vendor or the storage vendor.

However, neither the online help nor any emuoex the Brocade manuals describe how to create such a port.

Each product takes a different approach to many of the day-to-day HBA administrative tasks. Kpio site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. If the full management mode is selected, HBAnyware discovers and manages all the Emulex adapters in the fabric that are visible to the host.

The current Emulex HBA product family is qualified and supported by all the major server, operating system and storage vendors.

MPIO and SDDDSM dynamic pathing

No reboots were required for Emulex HBA firmware updates. We did not find any major complete server-to-storage multipathing solution that has certified the Brocade HBAs as of this date. Brocade HCM version 1.


Emulex’s product is called HBAanywhere. File Services and Storage. The current Brocade HBA products are much more limited with respect to industry support. Multipathing is deployed in many Fibre Channel storage environments in order to provide more than one path between the server and dmulex storage. When the Brocade HCM online help is on the screen, the user cannot mmpio back and forth between the help screen and the main HCM interface. Above 64K block size, the HBA write performance of the two brands was nearly identical.

The first test installations were performed on a server running Windows Server Enterprise x64 Edition.

Emulex HBA Product Evaluation – Sept – Wikibon

Emulex HBAs have been qualified, sold and supported by every major server and storage vendor. Wikibon is a professional community solving technology and business problems through an open source sharing of free advisory knowledge.

This allows the management software to be installed before installing HBAs or allows for remote management of the HBAs from a system that will not have HBAs installed in it. Tuesday, February 22, Emulex currently claims more than ten million hours of field mean time between failures MTBF for its HBA family, based on field reliability data.

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In addition to the form factor required for tower and rack servers, blade servers often have their own special form factor, requiring a somewhat specialized HBA. Enhancing Cloud Services with Hybrid Storage. Both brands of HBA management software provide online, searchable help within the software.


These parameters can be changed for one HBA port at a time.

In the installation test cases performed in our labs, the installation of the Emulex and Brocade HBA drivers and HBA management software was accomplished in under two minutes for each host server and no reboots were required, however the Brocade Mpi management software installation required more interaction with the administrator. The servers and storage used were connected to a Brocade port, 8 Gbps Fibre Channel switch.

Although Brocade supplies separate x86 and x64 editions of the installation package, the x86 version is installed even if the x64 version is selected.

HBAnyware provides a handy description of the feature and the range of allowable values, which is a benefit to administrators who might need a reminder for the many parameters that can be adjusted. Thursday, February 17, The read response times were very close, with the Emulex HBA generally having a slightly better response time.

See the full article at Demartek. The ‘mpclaim -v’ command will provide a SCSI address for each path: The of paths are proportional to the number of targets on the storage array, thus if you have 4 paths, you have 4 target ports on the storage array.