Although the installation default is to do this test, you do not have to. Sometimes, after changing the dynamic linker configuration file, you need to run a program to update the dynamic linker cache. Z You may have a distribution file which is not compressed at all. If you are considering running the installation as a non root user, we suggest you review this carefully as you will have to get a root user to manually complete some parts of the installation afterwards. The installation script looks for the Driver Manager in the standard places. Our long term collaboration with Easysoft can be characterized by the excellence of their services, speed of communication and responsiveness to their clients.

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The name of an instance to connect to or the port that the instance is listening on. This installation script installs files in subdirectories of the path requested at the start of the installation, Depending on what is installed, a few changes may be made to your system:.

If you download a Unix file with a Windows browser, the browser may strip the file name extension. To connect to a SQL Server instance that is not qsl on the default portuse the format machinename: Click Apply to save your changes.

Take a look at the technical description below for more information.

To continue, refer to the installation instructions for your platform: Throughout the installation, you will be asked to answer some wql. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft.


Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver Product Benefits

Disables unixODBC statistics, which use system semaphores to keep track of used handles. This method involves providing Easysoft with information including your machine number a number unique to your machine and then waiting to receive your license key.

I need to aql some ODBC statement attributes but my application does not let me do this. Use file filename to find out the file type of the downloaded file. For example, a version of unixODBC installed by another Easysoft product, a version obtained from your operating system vendor or one that you built yourself.

Do you need to get to your SQL Server data in a ocbc and resilient manner? Why do I get a license error stating the application was unable to create a semaphore when attempting to connect an ODBC compliant application to my Easysoft application?

The installation uses unixODBC’s isql and your new data source to do this. Thank you so much for your continuous support. As the tee command does not work correctly on some systems, the distribution includes a tee replacement. If the distribution easywoft has been gzipped.

SQL Server ODBC Driver

To use this sqql, choose Save Requestand then visit:. We are also keen to support you in your business and as such we allow you to leverage the full functionality of your SQL Server installation e. If you need help, use the Solution Wizard to build a solution with Easysoft products.


Whenever we need them for assistance or advice, the team at Easysoft is always a phone call away and ready to help. If the installer detects you are upgrading a product, the installer will suggest you delete the product directory to avoid having problems with files in use.

Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver – Freecode

You can manually install the driver under unixODBC by adding an entry to the odbcinst. The package is contained in a disk image file. Other trademarks and registered trademarks appearing on easysoft. Why do I get error “Login failed for user ”. To unlock the Drivers tab, click the lock icon, and then type an administrator password when prompted.

For more information about the licensing procedure refer to the Licensing Guide.

Easysoft ODBC-SQL Server Driver Product Benefits

Note If you are upgrading, you eadysoft need a new license from Easysoft. If you already have unixODBC installed, you do not have to install the unixODBC included with the distribution, but you might consider doing so if your version is older than the one included. You can use an existing copy of unixODBC. Various commonly used Unix commands such as: For example, Perl DBD::