So far, no major complaints. It has the objective to give cdrtools dvd extensions without imposed limits, and also to have a Open Source solution to burn dvd’s. Not holding my breath, though. Rated this writer 7 of Will they make a new firmware upgrade for better DVD-R compatibility?

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Media made in Japan.

Emprex DVDRW IM Free Driver Download (Official) () – IDEPELMDUEXE

Any coasters were generally DVD’s about 6 or so and I blame it on the software. Hungary, Szeged Date purchased: Rated this writer 10 of DVD reliability is Good.

Good for console Additional information: I would have purhcased a higher end burner if I had known. It is highly recommended to always dvrdw the most recent driver version available.

Emprex DVDRW 1004IM Free Driver Download (Official)

Leave empty to search for all Media. Will they make a new firmware upgrade for better DVD-R compatibility? Got some Maxxel 4x dvd-r media. Comments posted by Jakx from Other, January 05, Squirrel ProductivityTool s 1.


Comments posted by Jens from Other, October 27, I use the Greater Quality disc and they work great, i was even burning at speed rated higher than disc on one of the firmware but lost that after a firmware upgrade. When I tried to burn cheap disks GQ had errors until I did a firmware update I had bought it at Fry’s, but didn’t get around to returning it.

I have the latest Emprex FirmWare A The GQ disks now burn at 2X without any problem. Comments posted by Rico from United States, August 08, Burning reliability is Good. Comments posted by gary brown from United Kingdom, October 28, Burns the occasional coaster but usually my fault or the media’s.

The one coaster I made I blame on the crappy Cyberlink software that it came bundled with. Bought this Fry’s too.

Emprex DVDRW 1004IM Firmware 0251

Media inkjet printable reliability is Good. F01 comments, 1 good0 mixed0 poor. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.


It works fine for me except one thing, my Toshiba DVD-rom cannot read on 8x speed. DVD reliability is Good.

Burned with Nero v6. Changeable faceplates Dvdew and White were a nice plus also. Burnt 19 DVDs so far flawlessly! But then again, this is a Fry’s product Burning process went through ok, but there were lots of reading errors when I scanned the disc. Comments posted by DereX from Canada, July 09,