Restart the computer and check. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. One of the interesting quirks of doing things this way is you’ll have access to the video crossbar through AMCAP and can make on the fly changes to the video input s-video or composite and you can also change advanced video settings region, color settings, etc without causing any interruptions to a stream aside from maybe a quick flash. Was Pinnacle Studio supposed to be on the disc you got in the box with the Dazzle? Jimbo just download teamviewer and let me do everything. Right-click on the Sound card and click on Update driver software.

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Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Dazzle DVC doesnt work factory wipe only working fix fix Hi, im having problems with my dazzle DVC, recently pinnicle would start a capture, dropping every single frame right out the gate, a reinstall of pinnicle AND the driver did NOT resolve the problem, when used as a webcam it runs at 0.

Click on troubleshooting and click on the view all option on the left audoi 4.

Pinnacle Dazzle DVC Audio – Windows 7 Help Forums

Wsplit useful timer Llanfair useful timer Mac compatible! The time now is Also referFix sound problems.

January 01, Once you figure it out, just write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. First, the Dazzle audio only has one format that it supports for audio recording, so you’ll only have one option.


Do I need to have pinacle studio for it to work? From here on out I am rolling svc100 OBS for streaming thanks to Eise, it’s a significantly better and smoother running program for me. DVC Driver Installation Dv100 – Win 7 Seeing as how no one replied to my last post due to no one actually knowing the problem, I am posting a new thread, hopefully giving you all a more understanding of my situation.

Dazzle DVC and Windows HELP!! : speedrun

This is as it should be. On Graph 3 Liveuncheck the Mixer since it’s not needed in fact it’ll stack the audio when streaming. Studio Deluxe version 1. I got the audio working from re-installing Pinnacle which came with the Dazzle.


On the Windows Recording window, do not choose to listen to the recording device since that will again stack the audio and can interfere with capturing. I’m just screwed because I can’t run my dazzle feed in 2 programs at once. It’s unbelievable how many times I’ve tried svc100 dual-layer audio to no avail. The later tapes have working sound but I haven’t been able to capture along with the tapes.

Pawan Dhondiyal Replied on January 16, So when I load up Amarec or the Pinnacle software that came with my Dazzle, Xsplit forces it to close or doesn’t acknowledge the video feed.

Dazzle DVC100 audio not working

Thanks for the help everyone! Didn’t change anything here. In my device manager, the drivers for sound and audio install fine, there is just no video.

Expand the Sound, Video and game controllers. Confirmed to work OBS wudio initially there’s a little static in the audio, but that usually clears up after about 10 seconds Confirmed to not work XSplit – until there’s a way to force a specific audio device with the Dazzle video, you’ll need to rely on programs like Amarec or a y-adapter Other known fixes Crossbar Thing dxtr Conclusion What I need is for other Dazzle users aueio test this with their own setups to see what programs it does and does not work with, which will be added to the lists.


AMCAP also works indeed, and not only for sound but also for something else interesting: Tell us about your experience with our site. Search only specific boards Search these boards: I’ve also gone through as many threads as I could find, but I’m not sure that any of them directly address the problem I’m having or offer any solutions when they do.

Did this solve your problem?

The problem is that I’m recording with Audii 7 and I don’t want to upgrade yet. I dont see why it would not work When those don’t work, hardware workarounds have been used. I almost threw it across the room. Next Gen Runners WinterDecember The Device Manager certainly knows it’s there, but I’m not seeing it recognized anywhere else.