As many as VGA images can be recorded before the buffer is full. Because the camera employs a slower shutter speed in both Twilight modes, a tripod is highly recommended to prevent blurring from camera movement. It has a sleek look and features aplenty to keep any camera buyer satisfied. Soft snap mode enhances skin colors while keeping a soft focus for a pleasing glow. This is very handy for playing it back on the TV set via the camera’s AV-out socket.

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Snow mode enhances saturation and adjusts exposure, to prevent loss of color in bright white snowscapes, while Beach mode ensures that blue tones are recorded accurately in lakeside or seaside photos. Thanks to Sony’s InfoLithium battery technology, the P shows really excellent battery life compared to other compact digicams actually, it’s very good compared to any size digicamwith minutes projected runtime in capture mode with the LCD on, and minutes in playback mode.

An AV cable is also provided for viewing images or esc shows on your TV. Some reviewers might rate the resolution as high as 1, lines, but I tend to be more conservative in my resolution ratings.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P Review: – Digital Cameras – Compact Digital Cameras – PC World Australia

Indoors though, it had a little trouble with household incandescent lighting, leaving more of the warmth of the lighting in its final images than I l100 prefer.

Selects the folder for playing back images. The P’s flash almost throttled down enough for the macro shot, but is too far over on the left side of the camera to be effective when shooting this close.


While you can’t change these directly unless you’re in Manual mode, it’s very nice to know what settings the camera has selected. Trending Price New. Picky Details Cycle times, shutter lag, battery life, etc. Offers two creative shooting modes: The Mode dial on the back of the camera controls the main operating modes, with options for Scene, Program, Automatic, Playback, Movie, and Setup.

Multi-Burst slow motion mode.

Few tiny scratches on LCD. In Movie ds, you can record moving images and sound, for as long as the Memory Stick has space. White balance color adjustment with six options. See my test images and detailed analysis here. I love the little camera, but it only uses a weird memory card dsv is hard to find and very expensive. I can think of nothing negative to say about this camera or the vendor.

While most users of the P probably won’t care, I was pleased to see that I could change the battery and memory card without removing my tripod mounting plate from the camera’s bottom. Conclusion Free Photo Lessons Simple pro lighting and use tips let you snap stunning photos. This item may or may not be in original packaging.

Memory card corruption can happen with any card type and any camera manufacturer, nobody’s immune.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P100

Indicated on the Mode dial with a green camera icon, this mode puts the camera in control over the exposure and everything except Macro, Image Size and Quality, Zoom, Flash, and the Self-Timer. Movie resolutions are xand x pixels.


By default, the P employs a Multi-Metering mode to determine exposure, which reads the exposure from five sections across the frame. That said though, the P’s worst-case run time of over 3 hours with a freshly-charged battery is much better than you’ll find in almost any dscc compact digicam. Mostly automatic exposure control, now includes Manual mode.

Sony Cybershot DSC-P Digital Camera DSCP B&H Photo Video

Options are Auto, or, and ISO equivalents. I’m sorry that this program is out of most peoples’ price range, but the Sony camera records all of the camera settings on the picture file, and this software does the best job of adjusting the photos to match them up right.

See menus and descriptions below. The only downside is that people, especially young kids, might find that a red light in the face is a little distracting. The P100 setting takes away all user control, with the exception of flash, macro, and resolution. Test Images See my test images and detailed analysis here. There is no finger grip on the front, just the raised Cyber-Shot logo.