Edited September 7, by dip Rebooted several times and didn’t remove the windows installed temporary driver and this time it installed. Works fine on desktop. Posted August 28, Posted September 7, edited. Last time Ichecked they were more like mini oses.

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NVIDIA 3D Vision Driver

TBH i dont play many games. And I can assure you, the cake is not a lie. I much prefer blower style coolers in which the reference design of the HD is robust. IQ is same compared to stock Nvidia driver.

I’ll sort it out later tonight. Using 3d Center Filter tester: Already have an account?

And don’t think of my previous post as fanboy material, I’m merely talking about numbers that each card on the previous post I was comparing a HD to a GTXso the difference is even larger with a HD It’s unfortunate that you want to drop Nvidia driver support again Go ahead and give them a try, but keep an eye on your temps just in case.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member ngidia order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. This is the first time I did it – always went mid range.


Ncidia, my password is: I love Athrun Zala! Vasudev Dec 29, at 3: I just choose a gfx card that best suits my needs rather brand loyalty tbh. Whats New Since Dont worry I’ll be back to Nvidia again some day I’m sure. Posted September 4, edited.

You’re better off just sticking with Nvidia’s official drivers. DOX has a fanbase, but his modded drivers don’t make a difference anymore. Reason being GTX is soooo overkill for the games I play. I see either the same or higher performance in all my games when compared to the generic version of the driver.

I deinstalled my I don’t really know what the exact cause for it is, but it definitely improves gameplay for me.

Dox drivers vs Nvidia? | NotebookReview

I think its to do with the fact I added support for all nvidia devices which is conflicting with notebook installation. In terms of drivers – not too sure. HD is dix very good rox for what I would use it for. I always like to upgade every generation so a gpu that is ‘good enough’ for current games is sufficiient for me.


I removed image quality hacks that i used in the previous release.

GeForce 8600M GS

I just rox reverted back to official nvidia Stability is my goal. Make sure to try different versions too, I finally settled on an older version Thing is, older generation midrange hardware performed quite better for the software available at the time when compared to the present day, and this difference is more noticeable because both midrange and high end hardware is quite overpriced on both manufacturers.

No problem thanks for the positive feedback. Rebooted several times and didn’t remove the windows installed temporary driver and this time it installed. Thought I’d sell it whilst demand is high and get a good price for it.