Check if printer is fixed on Window. How to connect to Site DVR………. In case more messages than the Max. This product has certification for domestic and industrial use. When selecting the image file you wish to change from [Find] button, file will appear and when you select [Go] button from here, selected image file will convert and appear as Emap.

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Variable frame koficom on Continuous Recording The variable frame rate feature was created for special cases where continuous recording is required. Sound card must be installed properly to use voice recording function. It will then give the output to a monitor. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Designated holiday date will be added to [Holiday List] when you click [Add]. Refer to page and Screen quality improves as you set to higher value but file size oodicom screen frame will increase.

Sound is recorded along with video at the video record time, and as sound is supposed to be recorded at the digineh when video is input, sound can not be recorded when video is not input. Screen will rotate too fast, therefore, image from the screen will be unrecognizable.


KODICOM DigiNet Center(v4.100) User Guide DigiNet.

You can designate up to 5 different detection areas in each camera. If the sum of the value exceedsthe value will be adjusted automatically.

Installing process will show twice for testing integration package file and for program installation. When unauthorized engineer modified or made damage on the product trying to repair it, we may charge you with the fee.

System setting for using 2Way Audio function………………… Please contact the distributor after checking out any defect in the product. Sign up for a new account in our community.

If both sound card and kodicok audio board is installed, it is advised to use audio board. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Ex Parking lot, entrance etc. If you choose 2Way Audio while transmitting current image, it might temporally delay image transmission to initialize sound card but this is not a fault.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

But if a user records sound using an exclusive sound card provided by Kodicom Co. Designated number is not the number of image but it is an internal value for the DigiNet program.

According to types of compression codecs, number of selected cameras and set backup time, AVI backup time may differ significantly. It is possible to select several cameras at the same time and back up data in AVI format for each camera. You can adjust recording rate by dragging the mouse on horizontal scroll button.


Select AC input voltage 4. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade after copying the whole media on hard disk or diskette that can hold large koducom.

Corrupted image Uncorrupted image. It works in the desired time and the default time is between lodicom Ex Siren, lamp, or alarming lamp. Up to 16 live screens can be viewed 1,4,6,9,10,13,16 or full screen mode is available displays 4 screens by rotating You can exit from the rotation mode by clicking one channel.

Kodicom DigiNet DVR, DigiNet , Kodicom Software, New Kodiom Drivers

Screen quality improves as you diinet to higher value but file size per screen frame will increase. From this screen, all functions of user management can be modified. And if they are not identicalthe connection will be disclosed.

Select time of the day and select drag the area and then select recording mode from [Record Mode]. This is not required on motion detection mode. Selecting [Indication for record amount renewal] button will renew the graph for recorded data.