Seriously, I was able to remove 65 adapters and my machine is booting up a lot faster! In some scenarios, there will be a code 31 or code 10 error appearing beside this component. You are the man. Otherwise, ask somebody in the house who uses or administers the router. After doing a full HD backup, I deleted the driver, and rebooted. I just tried to find the correct driver for you computer on the Dell support site and I did not see it listed. If you can get a connection to the router by ethernet and can login to the router you can look to see what channel is being used.

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You’ll need to restore your system this doesn’t affect data back to a date when your connection worked. Ok so 6ti4 did all that stuff with the uninstalling and re-installing of the drivers, but i still get the same error and it doesn’t solve my wireless problems.

I could not bare to uninstall of them manually, thanks Posted: Thanks Solution work fine,I have more than 6to4 adapters. Thursday, May 22, 1: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.


Solved: Microsoft 6to4 Adapter- Not Working

Wednesday, March 12, 9: So sorry that I am so unknowledgeable about all this, but you guys are really helpful and I am very grateful! Hope I can finally connect to the Internet.

Device cannot start code I tried to back up and system restore but no luck. Saturday, September 19, 3: Here’s what Comcast finally was able to have me do that fixed it — Temporarily!

Network Adapters and 6to4 Adapter

We are still having a problem with a bang on the 6to4 adapter driver that you have been ignoring. I have seen a machine with over of these useless devices sitting in the Device Manager!

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. To remove the error message, please right-click the Command Prompt and run as administrator, type the command netsh in 6to4 set state disable, press Enter. Mine says windows shows you have the latest updates.

I’ve removed 76 adaptors Posted: Saturday, March 22, 1: There should only be one copy of these adapters, uninstall all the rest. May everyone have a wonderful day. t6o4


microsoft 6to4 adapter

Saturday, September 27, For series of updates that we may want to have Microsoft apply, rolling back to previous System Backup is not a solution because it leaves computer vulnerability which Microsoft tried to fix. I will see if I can map a deol again. I owe you big time!

It’s the Vista desktop, with s-l-o-w Also, when I “plugged it into a landline” Have checked for solutions, but says there are none. In Device Manager, under Network Adapters I get a list of 20 approx items all with yellow triangle warnings apart from 2. Sunday, January 20, 6: No such problems on my Acer laptop. Seems I also have the same problem, and yes my device is the latest also Wednesday, August 17, 5: Just now got internet.