Did you use my pre-compiled modules or did you manage to compile your own? It installed just ‘dvb-pll. Now It’s work for me. See on file dw So I’m back to WMC now: Aug 31, at I wouldn’t know where to start.

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You can check that the demux. I’m using Raspbian and I’ve updated using Raspi-Update. I do have a little linux experience, but this goes beyond my capabilities – if you have a chance could you give me a pointer in the right direction – I’ve added the error below note that I re-ran the process to grab the output – which is why the patches cxr2820r skipped.

I wouldn’t know where to start. I have only DVB-T2 for test.

RichardWhAug 30, There is no noticeable difference when using Kaffeine on the PC. Also, you should not have needed steps 5 and 6 as above as this is handled by the ‘make install’ part of the build script. RichardWhDec 3, Post by Gianluca Gennari Finally, patch 3 is a trivial clean-up.


Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_DVB_CXDR: Sony CXDR

Sep 9, at Its the way the is way Linux works. It works fine under Windoze, BTW. Aug 20, at 4: Enabling it, the reception of weak channels improved a lot, as reported in the description of patch 2. Post by Mauro Carvalho Chehab As you know, more than one device may be connected to the same antenna, and it is generally not a good idea to have two devices sending power to the LNA.

Gianluca Gennari Nov 17, at 9: Mauro Carvalho Chehab This is much better and simpler than the instructions on their driver.

Sep 6, Messages: I believe the first category of signals is far more common especially if you want to use USB devices with portable antennas. After that, it was happier talking to the Myth backend.


Nov 17, at 5: For compile kernel module replace dw I’ve now updated the build script to prevent this error from occurring in future. I’m now confused dot com.


Hi Raydon, please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve included the error below, and agin any further help would be very much appreciated: Please could xxd2820r work some magic on the OpenElec platform also?

Aug 31, at 4: OK, I’m a Fedora user rather than a Mint user, but these instructions with a bit of tweaking to suit have got my BGT up and running under 3. Aug 22, at 9: Hi Raydon, I’ve now upgrade my system to Kernel to 3.

Output should look like this: All drivers must be in the kernel.