This is a useful debugging help to be able to catch problems early and not be bitten later when the calling function happens to sleep when it is not supposed to. Can sleep, returns nothing. This eliminates some boilerplate. If we fail to get the semaphore, we place the output into the log buffer and return. Can be NULL, this function allows additional commands to run on destruction of the fence.

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Make sure your onboard sound device or sound card is the first device listed:. Once we have that, we register the bus with the kobject infrastructure, then register the children subsystems it has: Executes the function immediately if process context is available, otherwise schedules keernel function for delayed execution.

This function can be used even if the work re-queues itself or migrates to another workqueue.


Buses can plug into each other. Due to a hardware limitation, the two frontends cannot be used simultaneously. The Soc-Camera Drivers This is accomplished as follows:. This checks whether the memory was allocated from the per-device coherent memory pool and if so, releases that memory. This constraint will set the number of most significant bits msbits if a sample format with the specified cx23388 has been select.

For details, see Generic Installation below and if necessary, the individual cards further down cx22388 and please add your own if it differs from the generic installation!


The idea of configure is simply to provide a point within kerjel setup process to allow the transport class to extract information from a device after it has been setup. However when I do dmesg grep frontend as per the docs I don’t see any entries, so whilst I’m somewhat further on, I’m still lost!

By stringifying the args and checking the size we can tell whether or not there are args. Pass -1 to request the next free mixer unit.

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Cancel work and wait for its execution to finish. All of the ioctl commands can potentially sleep, which is illegal with vx2388 spinlock held, thus we perform mutual exclusion here.

This implementation can be thought of as an application of sequence locking to expedited grace periods, but using the sequence counter to determine when someone else has already done the work instead of for retrying readers.

Mon May 27, If id is NULL, the latest open group is selected. Returns sum of event handlers return values. Currently, the networking layer calls this function, but that will change. It is assumed the caller directly or indirectly buf-mgr between reservation and committing holds a reference to the fence, otherwise the fence might be freed before return, resulting in undefined behavior.

The return value is 0 if the peripheral has accepted the negotiation to the mode specified, -1 if the peripheral is not IEEE compliant or not presentor 1 if the peripheral has rejected the negotiation. The cx18 driver Report the number of batches, correlated with, but not necessarily precisely the same as, the number of grace periods that have elapsed. Finds the control instance with the given id, and activate or inactivate the control together with notification, if changed.


See the vsnprintf documentation for format string extensions over C There is a standard hashed waitqueue table for generic use.

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A return value of 1 indicates that it slept; 0 means that it succeeded without needing to sleep. This function is called from the interrupt handler when the PCM has processed the period size. This function can be used by char device classes. Make the current task sleep until the given expiry time has elapsed. Use this cc2388 to construct bus specific macros for registering drivers, and do not use it on its own.

Returns zero if the bit was eventually found to be clear and was set.