If for some reason, you need to reinstall Disc Detector, run this patch again. This upgrade requires firmware v1. Apr 8, Posts: Most of those old ‘gems’ are more about the way they look or the character of the sound than quality, but then there are more people who listen with their eyes or peer opinion than they’d admit – check out the array of primo wood-cased headphones with questionable driver superiority, or the enduring appeal of the crap-in-vintage-clothing that is Grado almost literally the ‘Beats for the self-declared audiophile set’. The words “vintage” and “collectors” were thrown around. True, it may not be as slick-looking or as compact as the iPod, but the 20GB Nomad Jukebox 3 still stands out from the rest of the hard drive-based pack in terms of features.

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Mar 22, Posts: So, is there some sort of Chinese vintage hipster culture over there? I’m liking most of these ideas. TXT file for more details.

What is so special about a 10 year old hard drive MP3 player?

Is there some superior technical specification that I’m unaware of? Sat Apr 27, 5: Thu Apr 25, 6: Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: But, I can see how some might prefer high-bitrate content. Aug 20, Posts: I think it improves sound quality dramatically on everything I’ve tried it with, as well as increasing the output levels well past the comfort zone.


Of course an old 32GB iPhone will do that as well. But, with devices getting slimmer and craetive, it’ll never happen.

Now much better is the norm. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in There’s a reason iPod won so decisively. Line out on almost any name brand devices is 16 bit limited these days.

Sep ujkebox, Posts: Improved Japanese language dictionary searches The searches have been greatly enhanced both in speed and scope.

What is so special about a 10 year old hard drive MP3 player? Other than the fact that you could toss any old capacity ATA disk in there though I think the firmware couldn’t handle much over 60GB in tracksI can’t think of anything beyond “scam”.

Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 20gb | eBay

I was just surprised by the amount. It was one of the early contenders.

My friend in China seems to think it’s 220gb more of a thing where 1 single auction went high and then others followed all thinking there was some “collectible” market for them.


I wouldn’t even put it at that for the reverse engineering part. Oh hey, I’ll be right back — gotta go look for my Archos Jukebox Jun 5, Posts: Creative Disc Crreative Patch Filesize: We do wish that there were a way to monitor recording levels, but still, this is a great function.

RGrizzzz Ars Praefectus Tribus: Thu Apr 25, 7: Its hooked up to a battery. Fri May 03, 9: Aside from the gen 1 touch, I skipped iPod’s all together for some reason.

I hope it’s not a scam buy. Where Fragile Egos Aren’t Registered: From what I can see, there’s no reason any sane person with knowledge of modern technology would spend so much.