To choose correctly, please refer to the following: How can the first scanned image of a batch be viewed before passing the image to the application? Other technologies like length and width detection and infrared fall offer basic multifeed detection, but can be easily fooled. Then install VRS 4. The following Procedure should only be attempted by a qualified IT professional or person s extremely familiar in editing the system registry. But to correct the images, they must be fixed at the application. Return – VRS will return any error to the application to be handled within the application.

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The best way to keep your scanner clean is to purchase a Spectrum All-In-One Kit and follow the enclosed directions. I put paper in the feed table but the table will not lift.

Ultrasonic multifeed detection consists of two sensors: Thus, the following items are important in order to calculate the ongoing costs of scanning:.

Copiscan 8000 Spectrum

In addition, users are able to replace their production scanner’s rollers and lamps without needing to send copiiscan scanner back to the factory or needing a service call. To select doc prep, follow the directions below:. If the operator turns on the Manual feed mode with paper in the feed tray, the table will not lift. In these batches, the maximum thickness setting a user enters may 80000 thicker than that of the combined thickness of an invoice and a piece of bond paper that feed simultaneously, resulting in a missed multifeed.

Auto Color Detect Thresholding Depending on the variety of color documents and degree of confidence, users can cooiscan VRS to “trap” any images where the color content may be very close to the aggressiveness threshold and thus may need user intervention. This is not an exact science, so you will not need to spend a lot of time estimating; if you enter a setting that doesn’t catch everything, the coliscan will simply stop, you can change the ignore by size setting and quickly reefed the document.


When the file is found, double click on the file with your mouse or select OPEN.

Kodak Copiscan 8000 Plus Driver

The information in these FAQs is for historical reference only and is not being maintained or updated. However, users that do not want their Spectrum scanner to stop on a multifeed can easily set the scanner to notify when a multifeed is detected the scanner beeps and keeps scanning or to ignore multifeeds copisvan.

As a result, it is inevitable that two documents of the same size will feed through simultaneously, with one directly on top of the other such as when documents are taped together, stapled together, or stuck together because of static electricity. Users can also drop out unnecessary color backgrounds altogether while capturing all color information in the foreground of the electronic image.

When the scanner is set to notify, the scanner will beep only when it detects any multifeeds. Many scanning users often have to justify the purchase of an imaging system by looking at all the costs over the life of the system. A Limitation It is important to know that there is an ultrasonic multifeed limitation: The risk of this procedure is that it is possible to overcrop the original document’s borders by a few pixels, which will not be desirable if you scan documents that contain handwriting often in patient records or other important information located all the way to the edge of tsain of your documents.

Image enhancement in completed with VRS. Lastly, with proper cleaning with supplies provided by the twai manufacturer, consumables need to be replaced less often, users will experience fewer jams and multifeeds, and less service calls will be needed. If tinting is seen while scanning white documents and auto brightness is not able to compensate. Additionally, users can minimize the risk of this limitation occurring by making sure all documents are centered prior to scanning.


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Copiscan Spectrum Sales Discontinued. The number in the upper left-hand corner called “Scanner Rev. Right click the task bar and use the QC Modes options.

Note your scanner’s hardware ID numbers, in the above Example the following values were found: That helps you to create the second pipe.

If you have an or model, please skip to Step 7. Yet, these factors often are overlooked.

Kofax i Adrenaline boards need to be purchased separately and are not included for the DC and Sidekick and models or the Truper In addition, if hardware JPEG compression is disabled and any software VRS functionality is enabled see Step 5 for detailsVRS will decompress each image in software, perform the operation and recompress the image, thus lowering throughput even further.

This will help prevent residues from and cleaner accelerating the following described conditions; When the surface of roller is initially exposed to solvents or similar chemicals, it swells and softens the roller or rubber surface. Twwin scanning in color, your PC display properties should ideally be set to “True Color 32 bit ” or “High Color 16 bit ” at a minimum for optimal image viewing quality. Alternatively, users may set their infrared thickness setting lower, which could then trigger false multifeeds when copiscxn sheets of thicker paper feed through.

If you are using the same PC workstation that you used previously with a Copsican Plus scanner, you will need to uninstall VRS in the following way: