It makes our system better. Are you asking my opinion? Do you want to comment on that? You have seen a variety of estimations of what they will be. First of all, I would just say that the growth rates that were projected in the base model started at about 6 per cent and went down I think to 3 or 2 over the licence time period, which is about seven years. Then I would ask you about, with respect to the francophone market, let’s say from on or on was there comparable erosion or not in your experience? Well, I think I would step back and rely on what we have said in our intervention and here today, that there is no private broadcaster in this country that supports Canadian feature film more than our company.

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But elaborate on that.

No, and I think the applicants have acknowledged that you are going have duals. That would be end of year, maybe this year, if that. So if you could just address the first.

I don’t know if they would agree with that characterization that they are going to import the American model. Should they also be axapter by this new policy? I don’t think the applicants will quarrel with that. You know, I have been speaking to this man about that, but unfortunately I don’t have that.

I mean, if you want to have consumer choice, consumer choice is based either on differentiation of product, which so far we don’t know about based on the previous comment you made, because we haven’t seen their programming grids. I believe that was the discussion. Just today I’m afraid.


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There is nothing within our agreement that gives us those kind of sweeping rights on platforms other than the linear service from Movie Central. It is important to remember that pay television got a significant head start in the United States.

The greediness of the American studios, and frankly some Canadian suppliers of movies, where they were getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands per movie that hadn’t been seen in five years because of the competitor factor. That is a personal benefit obviously. I mean, you know, Marketingit is either the first lesson or the second lesson: Their initial and ongoing financial commitments to the production and marketing of quality Canadian entertainment are substantial and will clearly benefit all Canadian producers as well as pay TV subscribers.

On a piece of paper the mathematical, arithmetical calculation is seven million dollars. I think it’s just the difference. And to see that, the deceleration trend on that, there is no question that we can file data to show how our own information has bee adapfer down from the double digits two or three years ago down to that 6 per adapted level, so the trend line is pretty clear.

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We aydio also spent a significant amount of money marketing these properties. To allow an industry to remain in a monopolistic kind of environment in this day and age seems to us to be a throwback to the past.

As a result of the law of supply and demand two things happened: A monopsony on the buying side. The number of premium cable units in U. That’s what this group was bringing to the table.


Well, I think I would step back and rely on what we have said in our intervention and here today, that there is no private broadcaster in this country that supports Canadian feature film more than our company. We have proof in the pudding that competition has already changed the marketing behaviour before you even licensed this, as evidenced by this afapter. The applicant significantly overestimated the potential market for its service based on statistically improbably assumptions with respect to the growth of Canadian television households.

We have seen it before. The extensive market research presented by cmii of the proposals portrays a strong case for more and better programming choices for Canadian pay TV subscribers. I don’t need to go through the contributions that we have made.

So I would suggest they might want to go back and do their homework again. If you increase one, something has to give somewhere else.

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No, I am not prepared to pay 2 times X. I want to make a request on behalf of both Astro and Corus hat they have an opportunity to comment but comment only on the new material that has been filed. I haven’t seen these before, I am just trying adaptee come up to speed pretty quickly.