HP gets the glory of another popular long-lasting product and the profit of cartridge sales; on the other hand they don’t get to sell new printers. That is probably why Partsurfer now says This product QA is no longer supported by HP as of May, and service parts may not be available. Printer manufacturers dislike recycled or remanufactured cartridges. So re-manufacturers for the various components, toners, OPC drum, charge drums, developer sheet and chip aim to produce the components without running into legal issues. The ETB can be dismantled and cleaned up – the Density and registration sensor can get contaminated with toner powder if there is a rogue cartridge in use. Pull the used cartridges forward by the handles at their sides and place them in the wrapper the replacement came in. After a refill those parts will be less viable so now the term re-manufacturing becomes meaningful; the cartridge is split and parts replaced.

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Obviously there is no guarantee of the longevity of transfer belt and fuser with that. All remanufacturers will have a return rate due to random misjudgements but aren’t likely to give straight answers when asked about it.

The design aim seems to have been low manufacturing cost, not easy service.

Pull the used cartridges forward dlj the handles at their sides and place them in the wrapper the replacement came in. A4 etc, single sheet input slot and one built in tray with the option for another The single-sheet slot is unusual on HP printers it is sometimes called a bypass slot and takes the place of tray 1.


cjl Laser printers make the image on the page from lose toner powder. Start-stop printing – lots of single pages- will definitely shorten the belt life.

toner starvation in color prints clj – HP Support Community –

In some 260 HP will also collect used cartridges for recycling. A complete remanufacture should work well, but a warped plastic part could cause a leak that will make a mess of the printer – transfer belts can be badly effected.

Any other source of cartridges spoils that plan. Whilst this is just a screwdriver job the machine must be disconnected from the power outlet and it does require a bit of experience of computer and printer repair.

As usual there is a different model of fuser for the American market where volt power supplies are normal. LCD Display with 2 lines of 16 characters. When the printer sees the door close the motors will come to life as it tests the situation.

HP RMCN, Electrostatic Transfer Belt (ETB), CLJ Original

Printer manufacturers dislike recycled or remanufactured cartridges. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Remanufacturing problems have largely been overcome and such cj are readily available.

Message 10 of In performance terms, newer printers probably won’t give anything better although photos might improve a 26005. Message 8 of The user guide is part number Q— The drop-down multipurpose tray which is normally tray-1 on an HP laser printer is not present, just a single sheet bypass slot feeding paper straight into the registration rollers.

We also use Google Analytics to track site usage patterns. A mere refil might count; a used cartridge often has a lot of further life left in 205 drum, developer, precharge roller, waste scraper blade and other parts.


Hope this will help. At the top of the printer the page exits through the fuser where heat and pressure make the toner adhere. An Electrostatic Transfer Belt ETB is used as part of the imaging process, acting as both a transporter for the paper and an electrically active surface for the toner to cling too as it passes over the transfer rollers.

The portion of the drum below the point 22605 to the ETB should have a layer of toner on it, compare to the other drums and report back, and add a picture.

Message 6 of For a little printer, however, the Clh family have proved quite robust. Users of these printers tend to be rather cost conscious, so the availability of low-priced compatible cartridges is often a conclusive argument.

Doctor Blade HP CLJ 2605

This topic has been locked due to inactivity for a long period of time. The duplex ETB therefore carries this extra bit of mechanism. That is probably why Partsurfer now says This product QA is no longer supported by HP as of May, and service parts may not be available.

Printed image quality and reliability are likely to be lower as well. HP provide a clear outline of how to change the cartridges in the user manual and online.

The only roller and pad are for the cassettes they fit both vlj 2 and the optional tray 3.