The Spring-boot-autoconfigure module tries to load the class with the ClassUtils utility class that loads the current context classes. How to reference a calc cell from base. I’m not entirely sure about the other exception later on in the log file though. Combo box auto-update when a new entry is typed in? If you do this you must change all The fields set in the root content. Return the parent Logger of all the Loggers used by this driver.

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After modifying the content. Need help with Sum Function in Libre Base. While waiting, here is what I did. When false, an in-process file: All required calls are made by the DriverManager.

This array may be an empty array if no properties are required. Another thing to try, would be using our commons-dbcp bundle implementations instead of the springsource one: Some automatically detect that the split DB has changed location and adjust accordingly.

Cannot load JDBC driver class ‘org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver’ or ‘SQLServerDriver’

The static equivalent of the connect String,Properties method. You can not post a blank message. Also affects the semantics of DatabaseMetaData calls that supply null-valued schemaNamePattern parameter values.


FYI I forgot to add the dependencies in that attached project it was a duplicate of the one I was testing for hsqldb and dbcp. Configuring this Logger will affect all of the log messages generated by the driver.

Spring Boot : Cannot load driver class: iver – Stack Overflow

One thing you can try to make that this is the actual problem, is using dev: Could you explain that file type? I also have the.

The question is not exactly clear as to where or what is the actual problem. I still had the same results. It’s a bit hard to tell without seeing the actual stack trace, but I suspect it is the commons-dbcp bundle that is trying to orb the JDBC driver class and is unable to find it. Modifying this file to a different registered name is not recommended and can cause more problems hsqlbd it may solve.

This property does not apply to requests for network or res: Hence, under JDBC 4. You only have to change two things to fix this. Data in these files is obtained by using the registered DB name. Normally at least “user” and “password” properties should be included in the Properties object. I thought if I could fix this the others would be fixed. OK, I renamed it.


The application developer will normally not need to call any function of the Driver directly. The property takes effect only when the first connection is made to the database. Also, could you try running the dev: The above process is to fix those which don’t make this adjustment.

The results are the same when those two dependencies are indicated in the pom. If reply longer, either use multiple comments or modify original question for further clarification.

Tested each one before trying the other. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.