I think it’s worth buy for the price i just wonder if the chip could bring better performance on a another board. Fact is that I’m tired to write the same old stuff every week or so This is only possible if it has 4 video heads. The only half good implementation of BT is the Elsa Erazor III, but this card has so many driver issues that is almost impossible to work normal with it. A ohm resistor should be connected between this pin and GND using short and wide traces.

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A new universal digital interface along with full.

Im currently on the order page to buy it since it’s sooooo cheap. I’m still in the process of understanding about video capturing and just want to know if the Chrontel chips ARE suppose fhrontel be used for Video-Out and does this improve overall video quality of captures? Maybe you can shed some light on this if you actually see it.

Pogo Linux: 1GHz for under $1000

Take a good look at the technical infos. Please send your required part number via email Sales hkmjd. And a last note, these internet discussions cannot be objective and are always biased in one way or anotherso the best thing would be to go to a hardware shop and test those cards or to friends etc. Scuba, check your PM’s. As for “I’m wrong or not”, when I read my old posting, I’ve mixed up many firms and names of the chips.


Also it might be better if it was not on a GPU. When configured as an output this pin provides a buffered clock output, driven by the DVDD supply. So it could be that I’ve remembered the Chrontel chip, but that the Philips chip is the one who does capture job.

When this pin is high, the device operates normally and reset is controlled through the serial port register. Find More Posts by Neo Neko. Unfortunately I will further verify thisthe GF3 Deluxe does not have the Chrontel chip – it may be chrontep Asus is now using Brooktree chips.

OK, I will no make a quick google search real time posting: All features are software. This is only 60usd. I would love to send you a ch77007a anyway possible just to see what you say about it comparing it to your own caps with your hardware.

If your BT samples are going to be much better than mine as you’ve statedthen I’ll disegard everything I’ve read and saw until today. Unless otherwise specified, this item comes with 30 days warranty from the shipment date. Off course you can capture full PAL x This is only possible if it has 4 video heads.


Fact is that the picture quality CAN be improved. I would certainly not believe myself. Now would there be a difference in quality if you bought the same chip on a more expensive board. Hopefully I can get some ch7007a out of you or from someone else. Ok so any new geforce3 and newer have a philips conexant chip that is 10bit. Kansas Chrojtel, Missouri Posts: Because of wholesale price is different from sample price, our website can not state.

Chrontel electronic components, download datasheet | eet

I read some quite different numbers like x and even x I really can’t find a single Asus GPU that does not have a conexant chip that is currently available for buy. Otherwise, we will state it in the invoice in advance.

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I have some better and more exact defintions, but not in the english language,I will not try to translate them. The signal is derived externally through a resistor divider and decoupling capacitor, and will be used as a reference level for data and sync inputs.