However, the software and its product documentation continue to use the Tivoli Storage Manager product name. Furthermore, there was nothing spectacular in the announcement press release that would help customers to forgive the delay. Don’t have an account? Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported. Check here to start a new keyword search.

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Three years React Rapid Replacement hour cross-shipment exchange or three-year mail-in 2. Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported.

Chapter 7 – Troubleshooting Guide Each product offers distinguishing features that elevate it beyond its competitors in particular areas, and each manufacturer has its own loyal installed base. This format results in a cartridge capacity of approximately GB cerrtance using Ultrium Generation 2 media.

Tape Alert Flags Typical System Configurations Certance also offers two autoloaders based on its two LTO Ultrium drives. That notification is made via the TapeAlert system, which causes the host software to display a cleaning request the Certance LTO Ultrium tape drives do not have liquid crystal displays [LCDs].

Certance LTO 2 Manuals

Product Report Note Number: Fibre Channel Interface Like all Ultrium 2 tape drives, the Certance CL is backward read- and write-compatible with first-generation Ultrium media. Intelligent Data Compression The AL features eight removable cartridge slots and is designed for medium and large businesses.


Installation Best Practices They all use half-inch-wide Metal Particle tape in a multichannel format using a linear serpentine recording and magnetoresistive MR head and magnetic servo technology. Parking The Drive For Shipping Configuring For Linux One specializes in correcting short errors, while the other corrects long errors.

Ultrium Cartridge Showing Write-protect Switch Certance markets this autoloader for use in small-to-midsize businesses to provide data protection for entry-level and midrange servers.

Table Of Contents Checking The Scsi Termination Reproduction of this publication in any form certanve prior written permission is forbidden. Beginning with Version 7. Although there are a few features that set the CL apart from the competition, none would be deemed important enough to a server or automation original equipment manufacturer to cause them to drop the HP or IBM cdrtance and go with the Certance product instead.

Three years React Rapid Replacement hour cross-shipment exchange or three-year mail-in 7. The open-format LTO technology has inherent investment protection with its guaranteed media interchangeability and strong backing of the three TPCs.


Certance Ultrium LTO 2 Cl1002 Lto-2 External Backup Tape Drive Te3200-012

Part of the attraction of the Ultrium format is the requirement of media interchangeability. In JulyCertance replaced its initial Ultrium 1 autoloader offering, the cartridge Lfo-2with the AL The addition of data-streaming technology to improve a drive’s performance and reduce the wear and tear associated with frequent starts and stops is becoming more common in this class of product.

Registering Your Tape Drive Users are notified that it is time to clean the drive whenever a set of preset thresholds such as a certain number of read-after-write errors is exceeded. This creates an opportunity for each manufacturer to certanc differentiating features to its drive.

Certance offers two data cartridges a MB native cartridge for the Ultrium 1 tape drive and a MB native cartridge for Ultrium 2 drive ecrtance a universal cleaning cartridge that can clean both first- and second-generation drives.

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