Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked in developing magnetic recording technology for high capacity data storage systems until The Product is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service a for a period of one 1 year from the date of original purchase when delivered to you in new condition in its original container or b for 90 days from the date of original purchase for refurbished Products. The Power Save option allows you to set the period of inactive time before the FSUS scanner turns off its lamp, since it remains on even after the preview and scan are completed. Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. The photo on the left shows the film bed with the holder open, while the photo on the right shows it closed. It looks like it has a Dmax of 1. To change either attribute, just click on the slider and drag it to the desired level.

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The film grain is just starting to show up at dpi, wheras at dpi the grain isn’t resolved. No information is lost when sharpening is turned off; the image can be sharpened with unsharp mask after the scan above rightresulting in less grain in the tree trunk.

The main thumbnail display features as many thumbnail slots as there are spaces in the film holder being used. There also a few sites where you can post comments and aks questions. The instructions tell you the scanner must be on when you boot up, but there’s a fix. Norman Koren lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he worked in developing magnetic recording technology for high capacity data storage systems until A variety of measurement units are available, including pixels, inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

When I scanned the image without doing any adjustments, the histogram was smooth. It’s quite clear that image quality improves as resolution increases. Help Menu The Help menu accesses an information screen reporting specifics about the FSUS’s software version and copyright information.


Canon CanoScan FS4000US – film scanner Series

You could generally get back most of the sharpness by careful application of unsharp masking in an image editing program, but there was always at least some loss of detail, no matter what you did.

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The appearance of scans should be more consistent with slides than with negatives. The next three tools control the zoom, with the plain sfanner glass tool serving as the zoom reset, which returns to the initial preview view.

The Auto Gain box should be checked and the Exposure Settings: Performing unsharp masking in the image editor is a huge advantage for images with prominent smooth areas such as skies.

What kind of slide film have you scanned with it? Monitor Gamma should be set to the value you used to calibrate your monitor, typically 2. Color Balance Tab If your preview image shows a strong color cast, the Color Balance tab provides slider bar adjustments for adding and subtracting Red, Green, or Blue values.

Canon brings razor-sharp dpi scanning to the “prosumer” market with this affordable unit! Warranty repair or replacement shall not extend the original warranty period of the Product. A portion of the image magnified 3 x.

We’ve found infrared-based methods to be quite effective in removing dust and scratches from your scans. Canon has both flatbed and film scanners, emanating from two different divisions of the company, competing strongly in their respective niches.

CanoScan FS4000US

As you hold the mouse over specific points in the image, a series of numbers reports the values for that spot in the image, showing the Red, Green, and Blue values that are make up the color under the cursor. Digital cameras, memory, and caanon are improving at an incredible rate.

The common thread that unites all their products is imaging, canno core strength of the company. More of a hassle than it should be.


Most current computers, whether Macs or PCs have USB ports though, so the scanner should be able to be used “out of the box” with just fs44000us any computer built in the last few years. My scanner came with FilmGet FS 1.

Canon CanoScan FSUS – film scanner – desktop – USB, SCSI Overview – CNET

Despite it’s “prosumer” positioning, it actually has the distinction of having the highest resolution we’ve yet seen in a film scanner at any price point, and its optics appear to be superior to anything we’ve seen in any competing unit High Points Color or black and white 35mm negatives and positives, APS with optional adapter dpi maximum input resolution 14 bits per channel digitization accuracy Very effective Infrared-based dust removal technology Dual USB and SCSI interfaces for fast, easy interface to most computers Long-life cold cathode fluorescent light source Ships with Photoshop LE and CanoScan acquire plug-in for both Mac and Windows The Basics The CanoScan FSUS is a typical size for a desktop film scanner, although its elongated shape means it’s difficult to make our standard comparison to a thick book standing on its spine.

I never owned one, may be they are really so good so people makes a gold standard out of them – i do not know. Ansel Adams recommends that fine prints have at least a small area of deep black. This limited warranty covers all defects encountered in normal use of the Product and does not apply in the following cases:. The film adapter generally worked well, but we did find that we had a bit of trouble with film that was badly curled lengthwise.