See the corresponding descriptions below for further information. To make all executables to the source files in those directories using a compiler based on GNU, i. Close the active client window. If you want to customize them an initialization file. File name Contents GrWinTkb.

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Save the active client window.

Popup a font dialog to set attributes of the current text font associated with the active window. A DIB image on the clipboard can be handled many Windows applications such as paint.

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See the corresponding descriptions below for further information. The names, with omitted the extensions. To make a console application CUI from source code, the following option should be added in linking using gcc or g77 on MinGW See below to know how to get outputs in the enhanced metafile format.

If you were not able to get the executable files, trigfn. For example, to get an executable abc. 600-drivwr this case you should do cwlcomp installation procedures such as moving or copying files into suitable folders, etc.

Open a saved data file and draw it on a new client window. Usually the landscape mode is selected from here. In the Bitmap mode with the Buffering being ON and DefaultDPI option not set, the assumed bitmap size depends on your current working printer, and a huge bitmap internally to be created may cause your computer being unstable.


Flushes all suspended objects belonging to the active client window. The GrWin Library with grwnd. Clicking [Starting options] opens a dialog box to set starting options. Redraws the active client window in the replay mode where all the object are used to replay an animation for example. In developing this project, a top priority is to make a free system, and currently main targets are MinGW Before running any executable it is recommended to see the description about grwnd.

Turning this mode ON, redrawings of complicated graphic objects or scrollings in the [Bitmap] mode described below can be done faster. Of course it is not closed for Japanese users and everyone is welcome to join it, though articles are preferable to be written in Japanese. Popup a font dialog to set attributes of the current symbol font associated with the active window.

To make all executables to the source files in those directories using a compiler based on GNU, i. Zoom in on any area of the paper. Fits the frame size to the current view of the client window with the size of the view unchanged.

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Turning this mode ON, drawn graphic objects are stored in memory for later uses such as printings and many aspects of redraws. All the available items appear in the sample above, and you would guess meanings of them seeing the [Starting options] dialog or referring the next description about the command line options.


Using this library you can enjoy free graphics programming on Windows even if you have no experience on Windows programming. Import a DIB image on the clipboard into an internal array for bitmaps with the bitmap number 0, and the imported DIB image is shown on a dialog box when the inquiring mode is ON.

600-drivwr So there is no plan to port this to other platforms. You can, though high level routines such as for graphs calcom; hidden lines and for contour diagrams are not implemented yet in this 600-rriver, do those high level graphics by installing PGPLOT with interactive drivers written using the GrWin Library. Coordinate systems For each client window, grwnd.

To save the data in the enhanced metafile format set the extention of the file name ’emf’. Other compiler systems listed in the table below are also available. Popup a message box and pause the application associated with the active client window until a button clicked.

Activating a client window some interactive operations to the client window or the associated application can be done from the menu bar of the frame window.