Can it be in this thread? Last edited by Anvil; at In my opinion the 3 series driver is pretty good, it lacks a little bit on sequential reads, not much though. Originally Posted by tistou Hi Anvil I am glad that you’ve tested TRIM and that its working So then, here the screenshots from my X79 platform concerning the low 4k write performance: I’m working on it, it has changed from earlier Intel series drivers and it is related to how write throughs are handeled.

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What is your total boot time from power on and how many seconds from Windows starts loading. The time now is I’m sure it was! Originally Posted by tistou Page 4 of 6 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last Jump to page: Can it be in this thread? The main issue is how it performs in some benchmarks including mineit will take a few more days for me to check out all the options as I need to start from scratch on a fresh install.

Last edited by flamenko; at Yes, it should lead to better data-integrity in case of i.

X79 Storage – the Intel C series chipset SATA RAID Controller – Page 4

Just got back to reinstalling my X79 Fatal1ty and, once again, normal RST versions don’t work at all. Tags for this Thread benchmarksc hcipset, storagex Enermax Platimax W OS: Originally Posted by Anvil.


And it is Intel to solve the problem. I agree anvil, the wording is one of the most nebulous things Ive ever read. No, there are only the ones you have seen.

Or directly from drivers Intel RSte? Sorry for my english.

Intel® C600 Series Chipset/Intel® X79 Express Chipset: Datasheet

Last edited by Anvil; at All times are GMT If you are c600/x97 the correct ports and drivers TRIM does work just fine. There is nothing wrong with RSTe. Last edited by bonidinimon; at Is there a technical explanation for the problems?

You should restart the computer to make sure that the setting is in effect and that there is no chipsdt on the files you copy! The option can be changed in settings in case someone wants to go the extra mile on writing unbuffered data.

Skill Memory Products G.

Intel® C600 Series Chipset and Intel® X79 Express Chipset Datasheet

I’m sure Intel has some reason for doing this and in my opinion they have done the right thing. This is on my system though, I’d like someone to repeat the test with similar test sizes and most importantly a lot of files.


I don’t know about the boot time, my setup takes more than a minute to load so the RSTe isn’t really an issue, I power on and go get myself some coffee. I’d say, just leave it powered on.

The problem with RSTe, comes from the rom bios? So, today I ran a test using the same drive Samsung F3 1TB and copied from another drive a folder consisting of MBs of data, files in folders. Well I’ll be damned This way you now chipsdt an option to have buffer flushing working, chipste didn’t work on earlier versions of the RST that’s why we are seeing this difference in performance. The screenshot shows before and after deleting the test-file on the drive.