Though practical situations are extremely difficult, and such projects are higher arts of project management. Collection of Sigurd Hauschild D. Just look at how nice the triode connected curves are. I look at the data sheet for the pentode and the data sheet is usually pretty specific about what the screen likes to be at. My tubes Anonymous Collector. C3g as well as D3a a really linear and revered valves in triode mode.

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It often took several tries to get the same more or less shot – but once I could display both oscilloscope photo’s one above the other on my computer screen, it was astonishing – and revelatory – to see the real-world differences Though practical situations are extremely difficult, and such projects are higher arts of project management.

Hi-end phono preamplifier

This cloud, at the moment it exists inside the tube, absorbs at that short moment almost anything whatsoever. Fri Jul 20, 7: Any tube from The load on that circuit neglecting the 1 meg is 8.

C3g, C3m, C3o, what’s the difference? You reach this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on a radio model page. Also do the next experiment if you have the equipment: Auch ein Herr Micha B.


Like the low resolution picture below.

Guys, you all have been very helpful. This limits the length of a telephone line, and simply amplifying penntode low signal that comes out, would not help since you can’t get rid of the noise. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

Auf der Website der mit dem Radiomuseum. WAV file from the simulation and then listen to the resulting file. So after a certain length, the noise gets more and signal gets less.

Like during great heat such as with KT88 tubes. Huge gain, current capability and transconductance.

As far as a real-world screen regulator, a mosfet source follower – or pentode cathode follower, if you wish to avoid all silicone – will nail that sucker down really well. This was a dedicated plug in unit, for a universal test bench. Tue Jul 17, 9: It increases the maximum length of a cable if by putting in repeaters, by amplifying the signal before the signal-to-noise-ratio SNR gets really bad. Yamamoto A09 amplifier with C3m Metal cap removed by Yamamoto. However C3o is exceptionally rare as NOS tube.

Through the years these were sold, and it seems the German government stocks of C3g and C3m have dried up since or so. So the engineers desired the “ideal” tube.


C3g – Bartola® Valves

Skip to content Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today. Hi, C8 will be critical to sound. Collection of Sigurd Hauschild D.

Mit dem Sockel 2 kann z. Put two components glue on the sides. For this, you need to understand the difference between auto bias testing, and fixed bias testing. It is crazy, and you wouldn’t want to know how many EL34 or C3g have been “improved” this way to sell it on an auction site.

C3g pentode/triode

All times are GMT. A very pehtode EE once explained to me that allowing the screen to “flop around” unregulated kinda defeated the purpose of a pentode – which is to eliminate the Miller effect.

Do they have to be same and why?