This is what I see that stands out about this board at first glance. That means my Canopus Riva was running at Mhz bus flawlessly!! It is supposed to be the gold version of the heatsink to disperse more heat. Here it is in all it’s glory. I have to say it absolutely kicks ass not having to think where to put it.

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So long the power is connected to your motherboard, it will sustain the information. It’s very informative with some benchmarks and diagrams but the presentation method can improve as the 1st glance gives you a feeling that it’s slightly chaotic.

Black Beauty: AOpen AX6BC Pro II Millennium Edition

Both CPU-Zilla aoppen myself could have run more benchmarks, especially Winstone but time was the main constraint for both of us, hence I could not get any proper benchmarks to log into the above tables.

Obviously AOpen has paid attention to ways to maximise stability with this board. Make us your homepage. There are no negative voltage steps available.

It is another board for overclockers to seriously consider. Since Acer is such a large company, they have a sister-company called AOpen, which stands for Acer-Open division now you know why it’s called AOpen? AOpen – Taiwan http: You are thinking, Porno Review?

I couldn’t make out what was wrong because I know qopen the CA was working swell at Mhz all the while. The contents of the usual AOpen box include the following: The ATX back-panel is colour-coded according to the PC99 specification for easy identification and plugging in of connectors. It would have been nice to have full control over this divider – maybe Aopen will make this available in their i ao;en.


AOpen AX6BC Pro Motherboard – Overclockers Australia

Windows 98 Bus Mastering Drivers. Multipliers support ranged from 1.

I see this trend advancing even further over the next few years and I really have to say I dig it. Also this mainboard is geared up to comply with the PC99 color specifications, but still does not meet them due to ISA slots on board.

You can resume your original work proo from hard disk without go through the Win95 booting process and run your application again. That means my Canopus Riva was running at Mhz bus flawlessly!!

But to my dismay, no 3D aopeb stuff would run! Core voltage adjustment is also supported for both 0.

Though setting up the board ax6hc easy, it’s very irritating to find out the motherboard features, its offerings and many meanings of the Bios menu from the CD. Has anyone had the chance yet to actually utilize all these pretty colors? I started suspecting that the Creative TNT2 wasn’t good or something like it.

AOpen AX6BC Pro – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – i440BX

I didn’t know what was wrong! Part of the reason is because this board uses High Efficiency Synchronous Switching Regulator as taken from the manual which most of the current switching designs are Asynchronous mode, which from a technical point of view, still consumes very high power and generates heat.


I hear you folks now, “Kyle is BS’n right? This motherboard can also sustain the Bios information in CMOS without the Lithium battery but it’s provided anyway and use your power-supply instead.

News [H]ard Forum Settings. Personally, Proo find it better prk loop the cable over the back of the board and run it underneath – this helps with airflow through the case too. It certainly did not hurt anything, so why not have a totally pimped out HS on your chipset? It is one of the most successful PC companies of Taiwan, which now is an International Corporation which sells PCs mostly made from their own components.

AOpen has truly listened to the overclocking community and came up with a board especially for them. The juiciest part in the Bios is the Chipset section where you can manually define all the FSB, multiplier setting and Vcore adjustment. I would have like to have 0.