I didn’t experience any visible errors during boot time. Cherry picked the upstream patches provided by Shane,. LinuxQuestions won’t let me post an attachment, so here is the. If the OS won’t boot, an application installed within the OS is useless. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration.

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None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

Did you try Ubuntu 9. Linux Pro’s Ubuntu 7. Just tried to copy a lot of data to it under 2.

I reported this in the kernel, it may also be part of libata. Last edited by OralDeckard; at In cases where we can’t get a BIOS upgrade from the mobo vendor we may have to start working around the remaining problems in the driver on a case-by-case basis, but that is one of those “bottomless pit” kind of tasks.

Be sure to post back llnux results. Maybe try Here, or maybe] Here. The workaround contains three linux patches: View Drive Assignments llnux.

Rebuild RAID 1 array on M2A-VM motherboard with ATI SB600 controller

I believe the only mistake made is Webpam was not installed, when stetting up array. When the BIOS was configured to run the eSATA port in AHCI mode, the drive was not accessible at all, booting was very slow, and there were a lot of messages in dmesg about something called ata6 not responding, and the kernel eventually giving up on trying to communicate with it. Bug Watch Updater bug-watch-updater on Login or Sign Up.


I don’t know how this thing managed lihux double post, but I got rid of it Last edited by OralDeckard; at You need apply the above patch at first, then this patch. I built it to use libata for SATA drives only. WD don’t claim Linux support, and their FAQ says the drive spontaneously shuts off when used with Vista, if power saving is enabled.

I have tested a “faulty” drive incident, and I was successfully able to rebuild the array. The first one contained a link to another review at http: Are linuux new to LinuxQuestions.

The one attempt I made earlier to build an initrd went into a loop, so I have not tried out this idea. Well, it’s been mostly running for a few days with the 2.

AMD SB in Linux – low SATA performance

All times are GMT s6b00 The file is the ATI sb user guide. I only tested 2. Well, I have had to abandon my quest. EH complete I couldn’t find this reported linked to the latest Karmic kernels, so I want to make sure it’s known that it still exists, and I can reproduce it fairly regularly by simply doing some heavy file operations.


I just installed the 2.

AMD SB600 in Linux – low SATA performance

Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. Click Linud to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. New posts What’s new Latest activity New profile posts. Modern GPUs support pretty large physical addresses including your HD so should not have trouble addressing a buffer anywhere including above 4GB. Doesn’t the controllers BIOS offer the option?