Alternative chip manufacturers have only one driver – Intel only open source, nVidia only closed source. I currently run 3 Linux distros on my main system: Other popular manufacturers don’t have even this at least, I couldn’t find. I think having the graphics chipset on the motherboard is just a much better deal This content has been marked as final.

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So it’s better to try Kubuntu In any case, this doesn’t add respect to fglrx. All in all, my card is good. Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free.

Why are AMD’s Linux Drivers so bad? | Community

I can accept if it was merely a performance hit compared to Windows. I figure at this rate?

If you ask about nvidia here, operative words are “vendor lock-in”. Noted about OpenCL, it wasn’t made clear in the readme and I just invoked the shell script expecting things to go fine. Then they’d take the credit for the driver while you need to keep developing it.

does Linux support AMD’s SB raid chipset?

Status of support for AMD G chipset? You can not post a blank message.


This sadly leads to a situation where a developer uses an NVidia card for development, ships, and then it won’t run on ATI or Intel cards. On Ubuntu it’s just “sudo apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers” away. There is three OpenCL implementations, as described in driver installation manual from AMD websitewhich you need to read carefully.

UEFI mode is disabled in my case, so this shouldn’t be its blame However, actually, there are much less unresolved complaints against HP and Dell laptops for this subject. In practice it is excluded — I cannot use it with fglrx driver.

They obviously don’t care about the Linux user base, not even the ones they claim to support – or at least their drivers’ performance wouldn’t be so sluggish. I agree with russianeuromancer. My stack was You could create a special profile for one specific game and adjust 3D settings with performance in mind. Because Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe linuz Slashdot: As I remember “rocm” is faster but have higher system requirements.

When you tried Linux on hardware last time and with which distribution? November 6th, 3. What is going on with Mesa is that they lack all the advanced OpenGL profiles a good number of applications require.


Unlike nvidia, AMD doesn’t need to support particular kernel releases, because Pro driver and Mesa “talk” with same kernel module, which is part of upstream kernel.

I have found just 2 manufacturers HP and Lenovo where Linux is at least present in the list of OSs when you choose drivers; graphics driver is absent there. Nvidia drivers are the ones that suck! It’s the drivers that are just unacceptable.

Download Linux drivers for Chipset AMD 760G (Linux)

I think this is really poor showing on AMD’s case. Results 1 to 10 of So here’s my config: November 8th, 7. I get what you ask for, but nobody here can help you get it. All times are GMT